Monday, April 01, 2024

Bathroom Rag Rug: How T-shirt Collecting Is Coming Along

While I'm working on the crackle Cottage Windows table runner on my table loom, I'm still on the hunt for t-shirts to make rag yarn for my bathroom rag rug.

These are all thrift store buys, and what's amazing to me, is how many shades of these colors there are. Yellows, especially, which range from neon to yellow-orange. Dark reds are just off enough to not match perfectly to my eye. Brown t-shirts seem to be more consistent, but harder to find. Either they are not very popular or else get held on to. I seem to have done best collecting orange t-shirts, which, while not perfect color matches, are pretty close. 

My current tallies are:
  • Orange, have 4 out of 4 needed
  • Red, have  3 out of 3 needed
  • Brown, have  7 out of 10 needed
  • Yellow, have ? out of 3 needed (depending on which shade of yellow I get the most of.)

Not all of them are X-large, so I may need a few extra. 

Since the t-shirts have been slow to come by, I've been re-thinking using them for the tabby weft. The pattern says the tabby can be the same as the pattern weft, but in a lighter color. Instead, I think I'll use 4-ply cotton for the tabby.

Fortunately, I'm not in a hurry. I'm enjoying the crackle pattern tremendously, and in fact, may do a second in a different color scheme next. Might as well take advantage of the threading while I have it. 

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