Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Baby Goat Coats

Expectant goats

Early spring kidding can mean cold spring weather. While I've been waiting in expectant anticipation, I've been making baby goat coats. March can be mild and spring-like, or cold and winter-like, so I wanted to be prepared. I used a puppy dog coat pattern I found on clearance.

Simplicity 2013

I  used a thrift shop sweatshirt for the fabric, and was able to make three little coats from that one sweat shirt.

I simplified it by hand sewing the two layers together with a blanket stitch and leftover sock yarn. I wasn't sure if the size was right, so I used longer strips of velcro so that I could adjust as necessary.

Now I just need a model to try it on. That will hopefully happen soon.

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