Sunday, February 21, 2010

Got Sheeps?

By Leigh

I do!

Tina (A Blip on the Radar) did a very sweet thing this year and sent out Valentine's gifts, of which Rascal and I were lucky recipients! We got quite a few goodies, but this is the one I absolutely had to share with you, sheep soaps. Aren't they neat? They are definitely "do not use" soaps and deserve special display in my bathroom.

Thank you Tina!

Got Sheeps? © Feb 21, 2010

Friday, February 05, 2010

I Won!

By Leigh

I won this totally cool t-shirt from Basically Benita. She had a give-away and I was one of two lucky winners! She and her husband Scott have been developing a line of t-shirts, and this design is one of their first.

That's not all! They have two more designs here and here.

Benita and Scott will be opening up a webstore soon, with these and more. Keep an eye on her blog for details.

Thank you Benita! I will wear it with pride.

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