Monday, September 18, 2023

Weaving Software That Runs on WINE : WeaveDesign (Revisited)

WeaveDesign is another weaving software program that I looked at years ago. I didn't seem to use it much previously and never gave it a proper review. But in taking a second look, I see that it now has a liftplan option I can use for my table loom. So for this blog post, I'll include lots of screenshots for anyone else researching software.

To review: I'm looking for four things in weaving software:
  • Liftplan option for table looms
  • Can export WIF files
  • Can print drafts
  • can convert tie-up to liftplan

I'm starting with freeware, and will progress on from there if needs must. 

WeaveDesign is a Windows program, but it will open in Linux in WINE (for which I'm using PlayOnLinux). After opening the program, I had the option of starting a new draft or of importing an existing WIF file. I started with a new draft.

After selecting the single harness loom style, I was able to set up shafts, treadles, pattern size, fabric density, warp and weft colors and the loom system; liftplan for a table loom.

Like other programs, it's just a matter of clicking squares to create a design. The repeat function is easy to use and requires no highlighting.

As you can see, it creates a drawup rather than a drawdown.

I was happy to see I can save files in WIF!

And drafts can be printed out too.

"A Halvdrall Runner"

As with other programs, I can make whatever changes I wish.

A few more features. It has three views: grid (above), thread, and thread plus (below). The thread plus is nice because it shows the interlacements.

There's also an option to save color palettes for future use.

The big question was, could I change this draft from a tie-up to a liftplan???

Unfortunately, that option is grayed out. 

Even so, it's definitely more useful than WeaveDreamer and less finicky than DB-Weave.

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