Sunday, April 15, 2007

Summer & Winter: Polychrome Rug 2

Thank you, All, for your good wishes on my first year of blogging. I have a quick question about my new template, and would appreciate feedback. I use the Firefox web browser, but checked my new look in Internet Explorer 7 (since different browsers tend to do different things with the codes). I was dismayed to see that in IE7, the blue line at the top overlaps the bottom of my title and description. I couldn't figure out what to do in my template about this, especially as I found that the overlapping didn't occur in the preview window. Is anyone else seeing these overlapped?

Now, here's what I want to show you......

Leigh's 2nd polychrome rug.This is my second rug in polychrome, using the same threading as the first one. It measures 19 by 31 inches, plus 3 inch fringes on either end. Of course, I was silly enough to ignore the wise advice I have heard repeatedly, "Always put on more warp than you think you'll use," and had to tie on more to weave this one.

Marie asked about the rug filler I used. Yes, it does look like mop cotton!

This is what I used for pattern weft.Now, I did not purchase this, it came from the weaver from whom I bought my loom, who included all her weaving yarns too. I suspect the wrapper is exceptionally out of date; indeed, I wouldn't even know where to get this stuff.

A dime shot.It is a 4 ply worsted weight cotton yarn, similar to the sugar & cream type crochet cottons. It measures 12 WPI (if one thinks like a spinner) or 750 yards per pound (if one thinks like a weaver).

It does not make for an especially thick, nor sturdy floor rug. It would probably do best in low traffic areas or as a run-and-slide cat toy across a hardwood floor. I think it would be better suited for heavy blankets, or a throw across the back of a chair than for the floor. But what the heck, I just used what I had. In fact, I would never have purchased this color combination, I just challenged myself to use what I had. It took quite a bit of experimenting to come up with a color scheme that I liked, but once I got weaving, the spring-like Easter colors grew on me.

I took both my little rugs to the monthly WNCF/H Guild meeting where, in preparation for the program on rug hooking, the show-and-tell theme was "rugs."

Show & Tell rugs at the Western North Carolina Fibers/Handweavers Guild meeting.
Another view.Quite a few gorgeous rugs to admire, as you can see. Lots of good ideas to tuck away for future use. I can't say that I see myself as a rug weaver, but I do like the idea of creating items which are both useful and functional. So ........ maybe someday ........

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a simple yarn said...

Hi Leigh! Well, I use Safari and also checked in Netscape and the blue line is in its proper place. I used to have problems with Explorer with my Blogger blog at times. Boo hiss.....

But it looks great from here!

Kay said...

Hi Leigh, I use IE7 and the line is definitely intersecting your banner.

Sharon said...

It looks good to me but I also use Foxfire.

Leigh said...

OK. I've found a tweak to correct this problem and given it a try. Here's hoping it works!

Olinka said...

It works now. Last night it was still looking wrong, but is perfect now. O!