Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bowmont Fleece 2 - Fiber Assessment

By Leigh

When I opened my package of washed fleece from Lesley Prior for the Bowmont Challenge, my first thought was "Wow! This stuff is heavenly!"

Coming from the UK, the fleece was already washed in compliance with overseas export regulations, so I can't give you an evaluation of the raw fleece, but here's my assessment for the washed.

1. Weight - 50 grams
2. Color - white. Tips white to cream.
3. Luster - moderate
4. Cleanliness - Very clean. No dirt, no grease. Scant amount of VM present.

Bowmont locks

5. Length - 3 - 4 inches
6. Single coat fleece
7. Shape - rectangular
8. Integrity - locks are sound, not tender
9. Tips - sound not tender, not dirty nor discolored
10. Rare second cuts
11. Crimp - 12 per inch. No wave or curl.
12. Staples are open and finger draft easily. No cotting.
13. Fineness - exceptional! Definitely next-to-skin wearable, even for a baby.
14. Felting - easy. It only took a couple of minutes to make a small felt marble.

Since Bowmont is a Merino/Shetland cross, I would love to be able to compare it to fleece from both of those breeds. However, I've never worked with either Merino or Shetland in fleece form (either raw or washed), only as commercially prepared roving.

Another thing I am curious about would be weight before and after washing, as it would give me some idea of the grease content. I do know that Bowmont fleece does not have as high a lanolin content as Merino, but I am unsure about the lanolin in Shetland. Lots of things to be curious about!

At this point my plan is to spin it as a fine yarn, probably matching the crimp by spinning it at 12 twists per inch. I don't think this will take too long to accomplish as it is hard to keep my hands off it!

Next - Spinning the fleece.

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Tina T-P said...

Hey - that is GORGEOUS! How fun to have it to play with. I think I know someone who could help you with a shetland fleece if you are interested :-) T.

Sharon said...

I've never heard of that breed, but boy would I love to spin it. Our boys are Shetland and I love love love to spin their fiber. And while I like the feel of Merino, I'm not fond of it's lack of luster. I really like that shiny quality. Me and crows - we like shiny things. I'll be anxious to (I almost said hear) see how you like it. Okay, now I have to Google Bowmont sheep....

Kathy L. said...

What beautiful fleece! Of course, I am biased due to the Shetland influence. :)
Please keep us informaed as to spinning and using this fleece (and where can we find it, too, Leigh!)
I have some of the Shrek fleeces Elizabeth Ashford had - you've inspired me to post about those.

Franna said...

Hi Leigh,
I have some white locks of a couple different types of Shetlands I'll send you. Please let me know your snail mail address.
I'd love a couple locks of Bowmont in trade. :-)
- Franna

Leigh said...

That would be great, Franna. I couldn't find a blog or contact info for you, but if you'll email me at leighsfiberjournal at gmail dot com, we can work out the details. Thanks!