Friday, June 14, 2024

Chain of Hearts Sample


  • Loom: 4-shaft table loom
  • Yarn: 10/2 cotton for warp and weft
  • Warp length: a little over a yard
  • Warp width in reed: 5.5 inches
  • Sett: 30 e.p.i.

  1. 1 - 3 - 4
  2. 1 - 2 - 3
  3. 2 - 3
  4. 1- 2
  5. 1 - 4
  6. 4


First impression:  They look more like little faces than hearts, lol. 

I think this is because the bottom point of the heart is embedded in the top of the heart. Without color to distinguish one from another, they lose their heart identity. 

  • Sett is good
  • I like the color scheme
  • It's fast to weave, not having to change weft colors
  • I think it could be cute kid fabric, sort of an aliens from a flying saucer theme
  • Or, do the "faces" in orange warp and the remaining warp and weft in black for a jack o'lantern look
  • I don't want to use it for the project I had in mind.

Even so, I will still experiment for as long as I have warp!

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Michelle said...

Yep, as soon as you said 'faces' I saw 'aliens.' Not my thing, but some people would be thrilled! And if you don't mention it, I imagine many wouldn't see them.

Leigh said...

Michelle, but did you see hearts? I couldn't find them anywhere.

Valerie said...

a perfect lesson in "why sample"!

Aren't you glad you didn't put on a warp for the whole project before finding that out?

Over the years I've accumulated a lot of sample swatches. Lately I've been working on sewing them into little bags of various sorts...eyeglass cases, coin purses, small bags for holding fiber related tools, etc.

Leigh said...

Valerie, yes indeedy.

Speaking of samples, I recently went through my weaving trunk and discovered it's mostly samples. Some are from workshops, and some are just exploring. I'm wondering if I have notes for them somewhere. It would also be nice to put them in a notebook for future reference.

Valerie said...

Maybe there are notes in old blog posts?

Leigh said...

I think for some of them there are. Many of them are pre-blog, but I did keep a some notebooks even then. And I have some folders with everything from the online studies I did. I'll just have to spend some time going through everything. In all my spare time, lol!

Meg said...

Now that you mention it, we should have guessed the heart shapes wouldn't pop up. Maybe a future option for Alien-themed Halloween something or rather? But that's half the fun of sampling, I say. Weave it and see how they "come to life" as it were. Onward!

Leigh said...

Meg, it's fascinating how these things work out. Or don't. How an idea in one form, such as a graph, may or may not translate into another form, like actual fabric. But like you say, that's half the fun of it. It keeps things both challenging and interesting!