Friday, January 25, 2008

Advancing Twills - Second Verse

Or rather, second warp. This one a worsted weight knitting yarn, sett at 8 epi. In fact, the same pastel space-dyed yarn I used for this Christmas afghan.

This was the draft I decided on:

8-shaft advancing twill draft treadled as drawn in..... which is the same threading and tie-up as some of my first samples (which can be seen here, here, and here.) It utilizes both an advancing threading, and an advancing treadling.

I didn't spend much time on the first two samples with this new warp:

At the top is a solid light blue weft. At the bottom I used the same space dyed yarn as I did for the warp. At the time I was weaving, I felt that the color variations in the warp were were too muted by the weft. Looking at it as a photograph however, I like it better, especially the sample on the top. Too late now though.

Next I tried a few inches using a navy blue weft:

With this one, the color stripes in the warp stood out more. I liked that. And looking back at the other two samples at the top of the page, I see a lot of possibility with them too. However, I'm going to set advancing twills aside for now. I've got a project deadline which requires something different. So I'll have something new on the loom soon.

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Marie said...

A limited vocabulary comes up with only "WOW"!

Dorothy said...

In that first sample I think I can see something that I've been thinking about but not really explored yet - the textures that you get when you advance a twill, that are more obvious than in ordinary twills - for example, you get long distinct diagonal changes in texture, that are like the waves in the sea when you stand on the beach and there's a wind blowing them in skewed compared to the shoreline.

When using stronger colour contrasts, as with your navy weft and all my samples the visual effect of the texture gets lost. I suspect the texture shows best with same or similar warp and weft colours. Possibly more distinct with less epi as well, I'm not sure about this.

p.s. best wishes to Rascal, I keep thinking of you waiting for the vet's report ... my old cat Oscar is wondering why I keep fussing over him today, but it's important to make sure a cat knows when he's treasured!

Kathy said...

Fantastic! :)

BTW...How's Rascal?

Janet said...

Waiting for news about Rascal. Get well wishes being sent his way from my black cat Slinky Malinki.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Looking at a photo of your weaving gives a totally different perspective. Another good reason to take pictures!

bspinner said...

I love this twill pattern. Thanks for including it on your blog.