Friday, January 04, 2008

Advancing Twills - A Few More Samples

Experimenting with reversing the treadling.OK, as interesting as advancing twills are theoretically, I'm having a hard time being enthused about the weaving of them. I'm not sure if it's because we have a lot going on right now besides my fiber pursuits, or if there is some other reason that this is not holding my interest.

I think it is partly due to the fact that my draft is quite simple and not very interesting (click here for a sample drawdown with the threading and tie-up I'm using.) On the other hand, I really needed to start as simple as possible, because this was totally new for me.

Another factor might be my not having weaving software, which would be useful to work out some of drafts, especially problems like those long warp floats in this set of samples. Well, that's not entirely true that I don't have weaving software. I do have WeaveDesign, but it is on the Windows partition of my computer, which is a nuisance to get to. It would also be helpful in figuring out some reverses, as I'm not too crazy about eternal diagonal lines. My latest sampling is an experiment in reverses.

So, this lone photo is as far as I've gotten lately, because I find myself procrastinating quite a bit on weaving this. However, I've promised myself at least one project from this warp, preferably a scarf. So I shall just plug along until I've either got something I like, or until the warp is all woven. Whichever comes first!

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  1. If you have Mac most of the weaving software trial versions are available for Mac. If you are lucky enough to have Linux installed you are in for a big treat. The very best software is for Linux only. It is free too.
    Go to my blog:

    or to the Arahne weave page:

    It is the best of the very best software out there.

  2. I know your not excited about your twills, but I think it looks really great. I especially like the way the colors are alternating in the zags or is zigs. hehe.

  3. Having taken an advancing twills class, I guarantee that an uninteresting structure can be boring, but a neat one is endlessly amusing. And weaving software is worth every penny, if for no other reason than entertainment value. I have a Mac and use WeaveMaker.

    Enjoy your blog very much!

  4. I think it looks great and I expect before long you'll find a way to make it interesting - I know you'll make it interesting for us :)

  5. Leigh, I'm right with you about advancing twills not holding my interest. Whenever I try them, I'm excited, but they always let me down. I don't think it has anything to do with having or not having weaving software. Maybe if we could figure out why they don't hold our interest, we could then figure out ways to make them hold our interest! I would suggest you finish weaving this off and get back to the things you love.

  6. I rarely use these types of twills, just as you said...not much of a challange. I think that's why I love Overshot. I have to keep the brain active remembering things, plus keeping track of the tabby - easy when you know how you set it up. I had to go from four harness to eaight just to keep the brain active.
    I remember, years ago, of the guild I was in at that time doing a sample on one of the member's 16h AVL. I thought it would be a nice challange, but when it came to my turn, it was all set up, run off the dobby and all I did was "throw, beat, change your feet". THAT was the biggest thing I learned from that experience: To change the harness before you push the beater towards the back of the loom for your next shot - it clears the shot of any sticky yarns in the warp and you're all set to go as soon as the beater bar gets to the back of the weaving area. This cuts down some time when weaving - helpful when I was doing yardage for people.

  7. All you have to remember is: Throw...Beat...Change your feet...

  8. I think that weaving software would help you to explore more possibilities without having to take the time to hand draw the drafts. I know that I can run through 20 different drafts in the time it would take me to hand draw just one.

  9. I agree that advancing twills are challenging, I came up with a lot of no-good designs, but a few that I like well. I think they can work well as an addition to other twills - e.g. a point twill towel could look good with an advancing treadling for a border. Another idea I've had is that they might be good for showing off a weft yarn dyed in graduated or random colours. My favourites tie-ups for advanced threading and treadling are ones that combine plain weave and twill. I found just twill is boring.

    I've just posted some of my advancing twill pics on my blog.

  10. Have you tried not to weave a point twill? Perhaps 'weaving as drawn' will please you more and it takes care of the floats.
    My warp is still 'waiting' on the loom - that's how much I like the advancing twills. But I'm going to do it. One day...


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