Thursday, January 17, 2008

ArahWeave Continued

By Leigh

OK. Continuing on from my last post ...........

Editing in ArahWeave

Opening up the "Edit Weave" window is as simple as right clicking. It automatically pops up.

Click to biggify.Click on any photo to enlarge.

You can click on the above or any other photo in this post to biggify. Blogger resizes photos to fit the post column. Usually I resize and optimize my photos myself, to save kilobytes. However, I want you to be able see more detail with enlargements.

The editor can show the drawdown in black and white as above, or in color, as below.

Click to biggify.Changes can be made by clicking on the drawdown and treadle plan......

Click to biggify.Multiple editing features can be opened simultaneously .......

Click to biggify.This program has more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at. But! There's a glitch. Two actually, for me anyway. Take a look at the close-up of the Edit Weave window.

Click to biggify.Since ArahWeave is written for dobby weavers, the tie-up is fixed and there is a peg plan, instead of a treadling sequence. The question is then, can I convert the dobby peg plan to a treadling order? Several other weaving software programs (such as WeaveIt Pro and WeaveMaker) do it, so it must be possible. True, the treadling possibilities would be far more limited, but if I want this software to be useful to me, I'll either have to figure out how to do that, or get a dobby loom (which I don't see in either my near nor distant future.)

So. I have a study project before me.

On another note, we have an ice storm forecast for our early morning hours here. Ice storms are bad in this area, as they often cause power outages either from ice coated tree branches falling on power lines, or from heavy ice on the lines themselves. If it would continue as snow, everything would be okay, but at 2 am the precipitation has already changed to freezing rain. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you don't hear from me for awhile, it is because our electricity is out!

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Laritza said...

You really only need the treadling sequence to weave. So you could leave it as is in the computer and just "copy" the treading sequence to a weaving abacus for the actual weaving.
On the first picture the firs shot would be: 1-2-3-5-7 the second 12-4-6-8 and so forth. Or am I confused?

Peg in South Carolina said...

Oh, I do hope this program works only on Linux. I do not have Linux.........

Dorothy said...

Hope you are keeping warm and safe in the ice storm Leigh. We don't get ice storms, only hail storms, and so I'm wondering how it gets stuck to the trees? Is it a sort of icy rain that freezes on to things? Yuk, or miaraouch as my cat would say.

By the way - thanks for the Arahweave update, I'm following this with interest.

bspinner said...

I'm looking forward to the next installement on your investigation into these weaving programs. I had WeavePro but since I got a new computer without a floppy disk drive I can't install it. I needed to save my work every step of the way since it seem to just close on me for no reason. I'm market for a new program.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the overview of Arahweave. I've a copy that boots up with a Linux system even though I've got windows. I've had a few hickups with this and have left it for a while but I really think the program has alot to offer. It has ways of emulating ikat fabrics which other software programs don't. It was also helpful in showing me how industrial design goes about their process. Also, the free version is supposed to allow the saving of files as .wif so they can be opened in other programs. But this wouldn't be much help for you Leigh as you are running Linux. How do you find Linux. I had a copy of Ubuntu once and it looked great.

Anonymous said...

You can either download SUSE Linux from here:
Take the DVD version 32 bit
Or you can buy it from here:
It costs only 60$ and includes 90 days installation support

You can get Ubuntu from here

Anonymous said...

You can turn a pegplan into a tie up and treadling by turning it on its side (sort of). Each unique row of the peg plan translates into a tie up assigned to a treadle. "Play" the treadles in the order their corresponnding pegplan rows were lifted and you're weaving.

Leigh said...

Thank you for this! I admit that I haven't done much with this since these ArahWeave posts. Still, it comes to mind every time I do a drawdown by hand.

Arahweave/Dictionar textil said...

Yellou! I created a virtual machine with a distribution of Linux (Linux Mint) witch have Arahweave preinstalled. It works under Windows using VMware.

Find out more on Dictionar textil The text it's on Romanian, but you can translate using Google Translate

Ana said...

Hello! At Arahne we have prepared a tutorial about "How to convert hand loom weave into industrial one".

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