Monday, July 17, 2006

Merino/Silk Mess

I didn’t do any weaving over the weekend, but I did get out the merino/silk blend from my silk goody pack. Spinning was a breeze. Then came plying. Look what happened:

handspun merino silk blend yarnTalk about discouraging! I usually ply from a center pull ball without any difficulty, but this one got away from me. Somehow the innards of the ball pulled out and commenced to twist back on themselves. The more I tired to fix it, the worse it got.

What to do.

Chunking the whole thing is not an option. Merino/silk is not a blend I often get my hands on.

I could pop the whole mess into the washing machine and make a felted pin cushion.


I could actually try to unravel and unknot the mess.

Hoo boy.

I could try and auction it off on eBay as Rubik’s yarn ball.


I could cut and tie as I ply in hopes that I could salvage enough to knit with.


I’ll have to let you know.


Spindlers2 said...

When this has happened to me, I have usually tried to salvage it by winding another centre-pull ball from it, cutting out the bits that are too hopelessly tangled. And I put something - paper, nostepinne - into the centre and * leave it there*.

This is definitely do as I say not as I do territory!

Good luck!

Beryl Moody said...

I would try rolling it into a ball by starting from the outside. That still wouldn't get you to a plied yarn, but it would get rid of the tangles. Then, you could try a Navajo ply with the ball in a bowl to keep it from bouncing all around. I've been there -- done that and, yes, I would spend the time to salvage it:-)

m said...

Just the same thing happened to me on Friday.
It was a case of my usual "more haste less speed" way of doing things, that I didn't wind it off into two balls before plying.
Also, I didn't leave it to sit. That seems to help too.
I carefully pulled it back and as my yarn was pretty fine, just pulled out a small badly tangled length, and knotted it back on.
Then I held it carefully in my left hand while plying.
When I am less frazzled, I'll work out a way to redeem the tangled scraps.
I was anxious to get some plyed yarn from the art room wheel, which I had just spent two days reconditioning.

Jackie said...

Ah, yes. Tangled yarns. From center pull balls. I am such a cheepskate that I always untangle my messes. Can't stand to throw away good yarn. Never tug, only tease and do it at a time that you are calm and unhurried. I only spin on a drop spindle so I never have great bunches of yardage to ply, but after trying to ply from the cone slipped off the spindle staff , with disasterous results, I wind my yarn onto spare 6" shuttle bobbins and use my homemade K'nex Lazy Kate. Works like a dream. Good luck to you, and may the detangling faries visit your house.