Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shadow Weave Samples - 1

By Leigh

My first set of shadow weave samples is off the loom. I don't have anything profound to report, but weaving these has given me an opportunity to do some experimenting as well as get a feel for it and an idea of what to consider next.

I wove three identical strips of five samples each, choosing different sizes of yarn for each sample strip. In my stash, I found the following of similar color: 8/2 cotton, sock yarn, worsted weight knitting yarn. This gave me an opportunity to experiment with sett as well as yarn size.

The draft (profile actually) was taken from Marian Powell’s 1000+ Patterns. I started with the 4-1 threading on page 66. This is a 4 shaft shadow weave in point twill development. I chose five different treadling sequences to weave the strips, using the same sequences for each strip.

It was the first time I'd worked profiles and since I was unfamiliar with them, they are quite puzzling at first. Here is an excerpt from the page I worked from:

I found that the best way to interpret these was to work them out as a more familiar drawdown on my simple weaving software program, WinWeave.

The next pic compares 3 inch segments of the same pattern from the different sample strips:

And here are a few more examples:

I also discovered how easy it is to make treadling errors! Can you see it?

In re-reading Powell's "this and that" (page 5), I learned to use a shot of sewing thread after completing each treadling sequence, thus giving me a starting point to count from in case I got lost (which more often than I care to admit. :)

Now, on to weaving more samples.

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Oma said...

I think I have fabric envy! Love your blog, I learn something new each time I visit!

Valerie said...

Very nice samples, Leigh. The red and white look very Scandinavian to me.

Once you get the hang of profile drafts, they can be a lot of fun to play with.

And the beat goes on....(Cher didn't know she was speaking to weavers!)

Annie said...

Love the samples. I hope my weaving looks that good someday!

Peg said...

I skip your blog for a day or two and wow!! You do make time to eat, don't you????
The samples are lovely and yes, as someone else said, they have a Scandinavian feel. Seems to me you've got a good structure for playing with color........
I use the sewing thread after a treadling sequence as well. It really really helps, as you have discovered.
Putting the info in your weaving program was a good idea. I always just sweat it out with my not-so-smart brain and wonder why I kill myself over this.

Jackie said...

Great samples! Now you have me thinking about shadow weave!

neki desu said...

Hi Leigh,
I like your samples and I think you're an example for sampling(grin) Only in extreme unction cases I'll be able to sample.
Your blog is about weaving,something really refreshing when it seems that there's no other thing in the world except quilting.

neki desu

Charleen said...

Wonderful, Leigh! I love looking at all your samples. I reap the rewards with none the work ;-)