Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No Weaving, Just Sock Knitting

I confess that I haven’t been at the loom for several days as I’m knitting furiously in hopes of getting a pair of socks off to my Dad in time for his birthday.

I am a slow knitter, so in some ways knitting to a deadline is a bit frustrating for me. In my mind, knitting is a relaxing activity. So while I'm impressed with fast knitters, I have deliberately remained leisurely about my knitting. However, when I have a deadline (like now), I put pressure on myself which I don’t enjoy, and I end up kicking myself for not starting earlier. Which is the case here.

This is the progress on the 2nd sock:

Progress on the 2nd sock, heel flap about half done.

The yarn is Knit Picks Essential. I’ve not knit with it before but they had the color my Dad wanted. My only problem is, that because of the size of the sock and length of the cuff, I only got this far with one skein:

The first sock of this pair, just short of yarn to finish the toe!

That tail is the end of the ball! So, I’m wishing I’d either made the cuff a row or two shorter, or knit toe ups. A short row heel takes less yarn and knits up faster.

I knit toe ups for myself, but somehow don’t have the confidence to knit correctly fitting socks based on measurements alone with a toe up pattern.

Initially, I wasn’t sure what to do about that first sock. I finally decided to go ahead and start on the second. Who knows, there may be a few extra feet of yarn in that skein and I’ll be able to finish grafting the toe on the first.

Then again maybe not and I’ll have to come up with something else. The men in my life say just use another color. Their reasoning is that the toes are hidden in shoes or boots anyway. But to me, these are a gift so there is no room for flaws, cosmetic of otherwise! Not that I think my Dad would mind, but somehow “design element“ just doesn‘t fit the bill here.

At any rate, no decision has to be made yet. So I’ll wait to see how far I get with the 2nd sock to make it. ; )

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m said...

One answer to knitting to a deadline is to line up some perfect entetainment, such as an audio book or a lot of Bach, so that your mind is only subconsciously aware of what your hands are doing.
That way you relax into the work, and it definitely goes faster.
If the stitch pattern is easy, go for a film on DVD.
For the grafting, try to be patient, and see whether there is enough left from the other sock. If not, undo the toe shaping and one row of the foot, and then re-shape the toe. That will leave you enough to graft, and will barely alter the foot length. Either wash or block the socks carefully afterwards to hide the unevenness in the toe.