Thursday, June 29, 2006

Silk Spinning Update

I am still spinning away on my silk samples. I received a lot of good comments on how I might possibly use the yarns. At the moment, the finished ones are residing in a basket. Once I complete all the samples, I will put some of those ideas to work (assuming I can wait that long : ) The original post & pic about my silk goody pack is here .

Yarns completed so far:
* B2 silk brick
* Mulberry silk noil
* Tussah noil
* Clean noil
* Throwsters waste (and here)
* Silk caps
* Carrier rods
* Alpaca/silk blend
* Bluefaced Leicester/tussah silk blend

Silk samples yet to be spun:
* Silk hankies
* A1 silk brick
* Tussah silk sliver
* Merino/silk blend
* Homemade silk caps
* Soy silk

I also still have cocoons to try reeling and noil with which I want to try silk fusion.

What’s currently on the wheel:
Spinning camel down silk blend fiber

This is carded camel down/tussah silk blend. It’s so lovely that it practically spins itself. I would love to have more than an ounce of this stuff! It’s absolutely begging to be put to some knitting needles.

Also, because I have had so many encouraging comments (both public and private) about my various silk photos, I’ve put them in an album on Flickr. You can find the link on my sidebar as Leigh’s Silk Photos. I’ve included my pix of the process of making and working with silk caps, dyeing and spinning throwsters waste, and working with the carrier rods. I added a few extra photos to these categories to better explain the steps of each process.

So as you can see, I'm making good progress on my silk samples. I'm learning a lot and will have a lot of lovely sample yarns to have fun with.


Peg said...

Neat photos! Thanks for sharing them all.

Valerie said...'ve been working hard! Very nice work.

Here's a cartoon for your alter ego...

Anonymous said...

How does the On Line Guild work?