Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weaving Right Along

By Leigh

Of the two fabrics I have planned for this warp, I have completed the first and taken it off the loom, as you can see:

My helper is at it again.

I could have left it on and simply started weaving the second, since they are using the same warp, but I was a little concerned about my warp tension, especially on one side. When I first tied my 2-sticks to the front apron rod (see b2f, Weaving the Header, June 4, 2006) I put ties about every 3 inches or so. However, I didn’t feel like I'd gotten all the ties evenly tight, especially on the right side, and in fact the warp was a little loose on that side.

So once I finished the required amount for the first fabric, I wove in two more sticks, and cut off the first fabric. This time lashed the sticks to the apron rod:

This time I lashed, instead of tied, the sticks to the apron rod.

Happily, my tension remains even across the warp as I begin my second fabric. This time I’m using only one color for the weft, the darker blue, creating vertical stripes from the log cabin variation warp pattern. I guess one could call it a log cabin stripe.

My log cabin stripes.Charleen asked what I’m going to do with my yardage. My plan is to make a top with the log cabin pattern and a matching skirt with the stripe, at left. (I wasn’t too keen on a plaid-like skirt, wanting longer, slimming type lines you know ;). Of course, this plan will depend on how well the washing machine cooperates with what I planned for shrinkage!

In regards to shuttle throwing, I’m think I’ve got my problem licked. I’ve worked hard to keep my throw straight and even, (though I do throw a wild one once in awhile.) I’ve learned to keep my warp tension as tight as I can and have also experimented with my different shuttles. I found that my 11 inch Norwood works the best.

With all this, I continue to be very happy with the back to front method of warping my loom. Even so, I'm still holding my breath until I get to the end of my warp!

Next ..... b2f Log Cabin Weaving

Posted 13 June 2006 at http://leighsfiberjournal.blogspot.com

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Peg said...

You are zipping right along, Leigh! I imagine now you are beginning to dream just a little bit about what you are going to do next as a result of this success? Maybe another bit of sampling of some of the simmering ideas? Yes, Leigh, I am a slave driver.....!!!!

Valerie said...

Very nice fabric! Can't wait to see the finished outfit.
My favorite shuttles for finer threads (8/2 cottons and finer) are the Schacht end-feed shuttle. Kind of pricey, but well worth the investment for me when I saw the improvement in my selveges.