Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Warping the Glimakra: Blanket Done!

By Leigh

Here it is....

View from a distance, Catzee tests the new blanket.The blanket is complete. After washing it measures 39.5 by 53.5 inches plus 4 inches of fringe at either end. The threading was a straight twill, which meant I simply threaded each shaft in turn, 1 through 8. I treadled from 1 to 8 and back to 1 again, repeating to make the twill zig zags. I used a worsted weight 4-ply knitting yarn sett at 8 ends per inch.

Here is a closer view, so that you can see how the variegated weft yarn turned out.....

A closer look at how the variegated weft interacted with the colored warp stripes.Basically, the colors matched up on both edges, but in the center of the blanket, each weft pick is a different color, creating a more speckled effect. The strangest thing to me was the way the zig zags turned out. I expected them to be solid colors from left to right and back again. But look at them .....

Detail of the blanket's twill zig zags.Where the zig meets the zag on the lefthand side, two different warp colors are picked up, so that they are not solid lines of color! This was very puzzling because my threading.....

How the color stripes were threaded..... changed color with the first shaft. So I had 1 - 8 in orange, 1 - 8 in green, 1 - 8 in brown, repeat. Obviously I did not do a drawdown!

So I've accomplished something and have something to investigate. (For what I discovered, see Mystery of the Twill Zig Zags.)

Although I have to admit that the colors and overall effect of the blanket are not what I would choose for myself, I am not dissatisfied with it as a first project on my Glimakra loom.

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  1. Nice blanket!
    Will be interested in your findings.
    But it seems I am always surprised at the final "look" of the piece!

  2. I love your blanket "model". It looks great!

  3. Thought it about time I stopped lurking and paid a return comment!

    I think you've made a great blanket; there are hours of fascination to be had gazing at the colours and patterns.

  4. Hi Leigh...
    Interesting things going on with your twill line and the color changes in the weft. I like it...very autumnal.

    Would you please contact me at vmusselm at hotmail dot com? There's something I'd like to ask you.

  5. That blanket is going to warm some little boy quite nicely come winter! Now, what do you think of your countermarche loom?
    I've been wondering if you usually use a computer drawdown or pattern drafting program? Can you recommend one? Using a spreadsheet is just not doing an adequate job for me.

  6. That is astonishing - and it didn't take you very long to make - What a lovely model you have for it too - :-) T.

  7. Looks like Catzee has already staked a claim! The blanket really came out beautifully Leigh!

  8. Thanks for taking the time to share your work - it's been a huge help to me! I will for sure do an eight harness twill next time - after I put all my heddles back on.

  9. Thank you all, for your kind comments. I'm amazed that I finished it as quickly as I did. Yes, Catzee claimed it immediately!

    Donna, in answer to your question, I have to say that I absolutely love my countermarche loom! I am delighted to have it. For weaving software however, I haven't used a computer weaving program since I switched to Linux. When I had Windows XP, I tried WinWeave and WeaveDesign (both free), but I never mastered either one.

  10. I'm so glad to hear that, Leigh. I am so very anxious to get my cm loom together; I know I will also love using it. Shortly after I acquired this loom, I read several pieces that worried me, that I wouldn't like weaving with it and would have a difficult time adjusting. Now, I am less concerned, if at all.

    I appreciate your input and the link you provided for more information about weaving programs.

    Thank you, too, for your kind words.

  11. Leigh - you've inspired me to look again at some of my material woven on my Glimakra. Thanks for all your details and congratulations on the finished result. The blanket looks great.

  12. Leigh - looking at your blanket again, I am reminded of a warp faced rug I wove. Will try to find a picture of it to compare.

  13. oh Leigh, it's gorgeous! What a super start to using the Glimakra loom! I love the colour and texture in it.

    My cat is fussy about fabric quality, so Catzee choosing to lie on the new blanket suggests to me that it feels as good as it looks!

  14. Yes, Catzee must have the best of taste to claim this beauty for her own!
    Well done, Leigh!

    And where do you get your evergy? It's been so hot here that the cats and I have not wanted to move!

  15. Do you think our blankets are related? You know I love those colors. I'm fascinated with the color play in the twill. I'd love that to happen in my weaving, a delightful accident. Very ethnic looking.

  16. Totally fascinating process. Gorgeous blanket.

  17. Having just bought a new to me Glimakra, your step by step instructions are going to be invaluable when I start warping, tying up etc.

    The blanket's just lovely :-)


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