Saturday, October 04, 2008

Space Dyed Blankie Done

By Leigh

My experiment using (commercial) space dyed yarns in both warp and weft is off the loom and finished.

Leigh's space dyed blankieThe Particulars:
  • Yarn: Red Heart TLC, worsted weight acrylic knitting yarn
  • Structure: plain weave
  • Warp ends: 360
  • Sett: 8 epi
  • Picks Per Inch: 8
  • Width on loom: 45 inches
  • Length on loom: didn't measure
  • Width after finishing: 39 inches
  • Wet finishing: soak in warm water for about an hour, then machine wash and dry with a load of towels. A dryer sheet helped soften the hand nicely.
  • Edge finishing: machine zig zagged cut edges, then single crochet around entire blanket.

  • Finished size: 39 by 43 inches
Yarn changes in the weft resulted from guesstimations for the various amounts I had of each yarn.

It was what I call fun weaving, fast weaving and entertaining. It's also been a reminder of how much I love working with color, and this is something I don't intend to forget as I move on to the next project.

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Marie said...

What a great idea! Did you have to fiddle frequently to get the warp colors lined up?

Leigh said...

Thanks Marie! I didn't fiddle with it at all. I just let the colors come as they may.

bspinner said...

WOW!!!!! My kind of weaaving, fun fast and entertaining with great results. I like the finishing too.

Mim said...

WOW never thought I'd like Red Heart acrylic! I'm a natural fiber smob that better lighten up when it comes to acrylic.

Dorothy said...

The crocheted edging really does give this a special look. With so much colour and weave effect going on in the cloth the plain coloured edging, in a different texture, seems to work like adding a picture frame. Very nice.

Helen said...

I love it- and agree with you about the sheer joy of working with colour.

Taueret said...

looks great!

Leigh said...

I appreciate everyone's kind comments.

Mim, I confess that I refuse to wear anything but natural fibers (except a blend occasionally). But I do weave a lot with Red Heart. I'm not sure why except that I do a lot of things for people who like easy care.

My plan (eventually) is to do some of my own space dyeing with KnitPicks natural yarn, and use that for similar projects.

Julie said...

It looks great and the colors are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

How lovely this turned out! And how fun. Relaxing to do, fast, and much appreciated by a recipient who wants and needs easy care. A++ !! :)


Sheepish Annie said...

Gorgeous! I love those colors together.

Kathy said...

Looks like just the right size for a couple of "helpers"! ;)

Anonymous said...

It looks great! Amazing how the space-dyed lined up to look like different color and weave effects.