Monday, October 01, 2007

Summer Socks Finished!

Completed pair of my latest toe up socks.This year's summer sock knitting has come to an end and just in time for cooler weather too. These are knitted from a 50/50 wool/nylon blend that I found in my stash. The brand name escapes me at the moment, probably because they weren't specifically sock yarns. I used US1 double pointed needles.

Toe up sock toes.As you can see, my favorite toe-up sock toe fits me very well. This may have more to do with the shape of my toes than the pattern, but either way is fine with me.

Short row sock heel.Also, the short row heel I'm not too sure about fits nicely too, when all is said and done. You can also see that I put my yarn changes on the bottom. Some may argue that this isn't the most comfortable option, but I like it because it puts the most unsightly part of the sock out of sight.

I did receive a lot of helpful comments and suggestions about sock heels in my last post. Thank you all! I definitely plan to try some of these out, though it may not be until next summer.

Now all I have left is to weave in the squillion or so yarn ends!

And here's my sock inside out!
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Marie said...

Short row heels just don't work for me. Good luck with yours.

Could you cut the ends to 1" and just let them felt? If the new yarn is locked in while knitting that should work.

jackie said...

My goodness you are a dedicated stripy sock knitter! All those colour changes! All those ends! It is almost time for me to start another pair of socks. If I start next week, I should have them finished in time for spring ;-)

Cathy said...

Yikes! That's almost enough ends to have a fringe!

They're beautiful Leigh - they came out so well.

cyndy said...

They look fabulous! Until you showed the wrong side of your work, I thought it was digitized yarn!

Nice word: "squillion"!

vlb5757 said...

I love the socks! I am still learning about making stripes from self strippers match, but this is way out of my league. They are wonderful!

Jenn said...

Your socks are lovely. But just the thought of weaving in all of those ends gives me a headache!!!

bspinner said...

Good luck weaving in the "squillion" ends. Probably take you longer than it did to knit the sock, which by the way are super.

Rob said...

I had to swallow the scream that wanted to come out when I saw all those ends, since I am writing this from the reference desk! Don't wanna scare all the students. The socks are lovely but that last picture is going to keep me knitting socks with only one yarn. OWWWWW!

Sharon said...

I've never done toe-up but am guessing that is a great way to do stripes and have them match. As for the ends, doesn't Kaffe Fasset tie the ends and let them felt??? If you decide to do that, will you let us know how that went in a couple of months so I can know if I want to flatter you by imitating you????

Erin said...

Uggg, all those ends! That seriously gives me nightmares. Weaving in ends is just about my least favorite thing to do in knitting!

Bettina said...

maybe it's a stupid question - and it's too late now for those socks - but have you considered just letting the yarn hang and take it up when the next part in the colour comes? the stripes aren't all that large, so it should be no problem to lead the thread along.... I've never had any problems with it, as long as it isn't for more than maybe 6 to 8 rows!