Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What I Did With All Those Yarn Ends

Remember these?

"Before" shot of my sock inside outWell, this post is for Sharon, who was curious as to what I would do about all those yarn ends. Both Sharon and Marie mentioned allowing them to felt in with wear, but I wasn't entirely confident enough in my knitting to do that.

Bettina wondered if I couldn't have carried the yarn over the stripes without cutting. I actually tried that, but had tension problems that I wasn't happy with. However, since she has had success doing this, it is something to try again.

I had also tried to knit in the ends as I worked the color rows, but that didn't work well either.

So I ended up doing this.....

"After" shot of my sock inside out...... which really wasn't too bad to do. I wove yarn ends in while DH read aloud from one of the Ralph Moody series, and the time went quickly. Even so, I'm not too sure I'll attempt a multi-yarn sock again in the near future.

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  1. You must have a lot of patience!
    I might have given up on the sock half way through, and attacked it with a pair of scissors!

  2. well, they say patience is a virtue:)) after reading about those loose ends I realised that commercial socks have them too! when I looked closer at DS cotton socks - there they were, tiny, short cut-offs... I wouldn't dare leaving them either, but apparently it works even with cotton. I wonder though if they are tied by knots or something similar, but the yarn is too fine to see anything... on the other hand - if you had the patience to knit the socks - a few more threads should be worth it?:))at least now you can be sure that nothing bad is going to happen to them....

  3. Lovely coloured sock. I must admit I would have carried the yarn too, I couldn't face all that darning!

    My hands are not perfect, but now allow me to do some knitting, about an inch a day, more on good days.

    Sorry to hear that you are having gadget troubles again.

  4. Where on earth did you get the Ralph Moody series?! It is so out of print. I can see why you were content to weave in ends. He gets two thumbs up from me. (You do too.)

  5. Sharon, I bought the series from a homeschool vendor years ago. As far as I know, The Little Britches series is still in print (though other of Moody's books are no longer available.). The link in my post (Ralph Moody series goes to Barb's People Builders, which sells the books. You have to call or email for prices and s&h. She gives a stock number in paranthesis after the title of each book. Her email contact is

  6. That takes patience, but probably more comfortable than felting. They are very nice.

  7. I commend you! It takes a lot of patience to weave in all those ends!

  8. I commend you too! I've made myself crazy just from weaving in the ends of fair isle items, but every single stripe!


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