Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer Sock Knitting

I know that I haven't posted about knitting since I set my Rare Breed Sweater aside. Summertime is when I usually knit a pair of socks.

First of a pair of striped toe up socks.I'm not a fast knitter, so if I knit one pair a year, I'm doing well. These are being knitted from some 50/50 wool/nylon blend yarns that I found in my stash. It is a little finer than most sock yarns, so I am knitting on size US1 double pointed needles. I am using my old standby toe up sock pattern.

I'm not really sure where the yarns came from. I vaguely remember them in a large bag of odd yarns given to me a number of years ago. However, I can tell you that there is some dispute as to their current ownership.

Catzee is not always as sweet as she looks.Don't let this innocent face fool you. She can put up quite a battle when she makes up her mind to claim something. Click here for details.

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Cathy said...

I love your colors and pattern! I've never made socks - well, except one at a time and really big and in red and green :) Is toe-up easier? Is the pattern you used published somewhere or is it something you devised on your own?

Leigh said...

Cathy, it is so much fun to knit socks. I love to wear handknit socks and I love it that they make such a portable project. The pattern isn't exactly mine, but it isn't written down anywhere either. I've just tried a variety of toes and heels and use what I like best. I'll blog it step by step when I start the second sock.

Woolly Bits said...

I like knitting socks and always have some on the needles (though I don't weave blankets on the side:)! I used to knit the same way all the time, but ever since I did the toe-up workshop with the olg I had to try all kinds of ways, which makes it more fun though it takes a bit longer most of the time. and they are done very quickly in contrast to most of the sweaters I do! no wonder that there has been such a surge in sock knitting! you can use some of your new fibres for another pair....

Sharon said...

I didn't realize that your cat has a blog - I just subscribed to it and will let Charlie read, if he's a good boy.

Leigh said...

Actually, Sharon, both my cats have blogs. But, that's another world entirely!