Monday, February 05, 2007

Some Polwarth Fleece

By Leigh

Look what my friend Heather in Canada sent me!

(I am very excited about it.)

It is a luscious Polwarth fleece. I have never worked with Polwarth before.

She also included a sample of another color, inspected and approved by Rascal, though he didn't do this with it.

At the moment, though I'm still working to finish spinning my Rambouillet sample. So many lovely things to spin and not enough time to spin them in.

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Tina T-P said...

You have the most interesting fiber projects! So sad about the warp on your loom - that must have taken so long - I can't remember if I mentioned how much I liked the pictures of the dishtowels - what a fun project that must have been!

I hope that you are not being hounded by all the cold weather that is happening east of the Mississippi.

We have seen eagles in our neighbors yard - luckily they haven't been hungry for cat (or lamb)... The robins & a huge flock of blackbirds along with some starlings & another bird that I didn't recognize moved through here this past weekend. You should have heard it - robins singing, blackbirds calling and the song from this other bird was really pretty. Probably 100-150 birds in full voice - it was very cool - you could hardly hear yourself think :-)

Keep safe & warm! Tina

Holly said...

Wow! I've heard nothing but good about that type of fleece. How lucky you are. Have fun.

Sharon said...

The only Polwarth I've spun had a very short staple and I did that before I knew about using long draw for short fibers. I spun it worsted and fought with it the whole way. I think I had about a pound of it. I ended up using it was weft for a lap robe. It's very soft and the color of your's is lovely - would overdye nicely.

Kathy said...

What a wonderful friend you have, Leigh! That fleece looks great1 You'll have to report to us how you like spinning it.
I have been spinning some "Rambo" myself and love it. It's got more bounce to it than most other wools I spin for weaving, but I'll be my knitter-daughter will love it.

Cathy said...

I've tried to leave comments but no go (or rather, no take). I am here reading tho quiet! Love the Polworth - I haven't spun that and now I have it on the list. Love rambouillet (but you know that). Have never spun Cheviot and was fascinated by your comments. Sometimes I spin the tech way and sometimes by feel. Depends on the yarn's destiny and my mood.

Anonymous said...

What is it with cats and wool anyway? My cats absolutely love wool - in the skein, straight off the sheep, you name it they go nuts! It's better than catnip.