Saturday, January 13, 2007

Better Than Catnip?

By Leigh

We fiber artists know that one of the best highs in the world is a gorgeous fresh fleece. But how many of you have cats that feel the same way?

I had forgotten about these photos until the other day. They were on the camera from when I photographed the Rambouillet fleece I hope to be working on soon.

Rascal, ordinarily, is very cool, calm, and collected. His personality tends to lean more toward sophistication than silliness. He can be amazingly tolerant of Catzee's shenanigans, but does have his limits. These photos are so out of character for him. I laugh every time I look at them.

Only raw fleece does this to him.

This is what we call his “googly-goo” look.

Obviously it doesn't have the same effect on Catzee. She was quite puzzled.......

...... but clearly entertained. I finally had to rescue the fleece before it was demolished. I put the fleece out of reach, and Rascal went and took a nap.

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  1. I had a cat who did the same thing with fleece, but the current feline overlords don't seem to care.

  2. Maybe he wants you to make something for him out of it?

  3. Hard to tell which is the cat and which the fleece in the first pics!


  4. hee hee, how funnie Rascal be actin. maybee u's should make hims sumfing.

    tha 'googly-goo' look be furry funny.

    'n Catzee comes in, like a true tortie, ta see what silly Rascal be doin. hee hee

  5. Yes Rascal, I believe that is your new Binky to sleep with right?

  6. Best be careful. You may end up with a ball of Felt. I'm sure the cats will love that too!!

  7. I PROTEST! You can read my response to this whole affair right here.

  8. Oh, I can see how Rascal got his name - but boy, mom are you in the "dog" house! LOL T.

  9. Oh, that makes me laugh - oops, I'm sorry, Rascal!

  10. Too funny! The Bug left all fiber stuff strictly alone, but to be fair, she was never confronted with raw fleece.

  11. I am not showing Rascal's photos to Frisko. Tho, I do love them.

    The only raw fleece Frisko ever showed an interest in was the Leicester Longwool. The only cats are ho-hum about it. The dogs really like angora and bison. Raw wool - ho-hum.

  12. Hahaha Rascal yoo reely are enjoying dat fleece. Yoo'll haf to ask yer mum if yoo can haf sum of yer own.
    Psst, I am not trying to be rood, but speeking as a wideboddy myself, dat furrst pichur of yoo wud make a gud Wideboddy Wenzday pichur.


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