Sunday, May 21, 2006

Birthday Socks & Birthday Card

The dyed TW yarn is spun and plied but still on the bobbin. I hope to have that ready to show by tomorrow or the next day. However, since I’m a mulit-project person, here is what I do have to show. A pair of birthday socks for my stepmom:

Bulky cuff-down socks.

I hope she likes them. Her request was for a neutral color, definitely not anything wild. While the colors in these are neutral, they’re not exactly superconservative.

I had just moved here when I went looking for yarn for them. At the time I didn’t know where the LYS is, but I did find a Hobby Lobby. Their only sock yarns were pretty colorful, but I did spot this acrylic sport weight knitting yarn, which I liked. It’s knit up into a quick, cottony, comfy sock, not too wild but definitely unique. I’m not sure how well acrylic wears for socks, but according to Fiona Morris, the key to good wear is in the knitting more than in the yarn. The pattern is Lucy Neatby’s "Simply Splendid Socks" from Cool Socks Warm Feet.

And here is the birthday card I made for her:

Birthday card featuring an inset of one of my handwoven samples.

I like these DIY trifold cards. They come with a little plastic pocket, perfect for slipping in a sample of weaving, handcrafted paper, knitting, or whatever. I weave a lot of sample strips for design boards, so these are perfect for this purpose.

Now all that’s left is getting this posted in the mail. Am I taking a risk showing off a birthday gift before it’s been given? Fortunately my stepmom doesn’t use computers!

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Charleen said...

The socks are cute and should fit the bill. I like the birthday card, too. Where do you get them? I have lots of little samples around too.