Friday, April 14, 2006

Uploading Photos

Today I'm going to figure out how to upload photos.

Ahh, success! It's nice to see that the mouse-overs work too.

The above photo is of my most recently finished weaving project, a recycled bread bag runner. In the background you can see my Schacht Mighty Wolf 4 shaft loom, my Ashford Traditional double drive wheel, and my Kromski Minstrel.

Here is a close up. In addition to bread bags I used plastic fruit and vegetable bags as well. I used fishing line for the warp, which actually behaved very well. Knotting the fringe a bit of a problem however. I tried simply tying them, but the line was too slippery for the knots to stay put. I tried melting them, but the candle left a sooty discoloration which I didn't care for. I finally used a craft glue, which held them very nicely.

One more.

This is my most recent knitting project, a pair of toe-up socks from an Online Guild workshop led by Fiona Morris. I knitted this pair in Bernat Sox Nouveau! yarns, alternating a solid color with a variegated yarn. The short row toes and heels knit up very quickly.

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m said...

I have an Ashford traditional double drive too.