Friday, April 28, 2006

Log Cabin Controversy

Well, it wasn’t actually a controversy. It was just a question, something along the lines of “where does blue end and purple begin?” What I was wondering was, at what point does log cabin morph into another color and weave effect?

Peg and I were having an interesting discussion about log cabin, and I started to wonder: What are its absolute bottom line elements? Does log cabin become something else when the weave structure changes, even though it keeps log cabin color patterning in it’s warp and weft? What happens when one starts playing with the colors pattern?

I had only picked up bits and pieces of an answer from various sources, so I shifted into research mode. I discovered that opinions varied somewhat. Not everyone seemed to agree on all the elements, but the consensus was that technically log cabin is a color effect on a plain weave structure.

After all that I pondered, so what, does it really matter? Well, in regards to artistic considerations probably not. In regards to teaching, I’d say yes. In regards to communication about weaving in general, it depends upon the communicators! For example, if you hadn‘t seen my log cabin twill samples, how would I describe them to you? Which explanation would mean more to you: “It’s a two block two color, color and weave with alternating blocks beginning and ending on different colors and the ends within those blocks alternating colors,“ or “It’s a log cabin twill.“?

That said, here are some more of my log cabin effect twills…..and beyond. :)

3 more LC twillsThe variegated yarn in the all three samples is the same. The sample on the right obviously used three colors of yarn.

Claimed by Rascal
And as you can see, I was plagued by more than just philosophical questions.


Peg said...

WEll, Kitty is just guarding your fabric for you......
The pictures of the fabric (which may look different from the actual fabric) tend to look more plaidy than log-cabiny, especially the last one one the right, which I do like, however! Peg

Leigh said...

Oh he's guarding it all right. Even from me! When I tried to remove him he protested with the threat of claws and teeth. What a cat.