Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Slo-Mo Fringe Twisting

By Leigh

I really like the look of twisted fringe. Unfortunately, the only directions I’ve seen for making it haven’t suited my all thumbs abilities. The method of “twisting two bundles until they ply back on themselves and then let go and let them twist themselves” hasn’t worked for me.

A fringe twister? Well, I’d rather spend the money on fiber and yarn. :)

Not to be defeated by my own ineptness, I decided to give twisted fringe another try with this series of log cabin scarves. To my delight and relief, I discovered that if I controlled the whole process in slow motion, I could achieve successful results!

Here’s what I figured out:

Twisting each bundle to the right.Twist each bundle to the right (clockwise or Z twist) between the thumb and index finger of each hand.

Plying the bundles by exchanging them.  Right hand crosses over left to make the exchange.Cross my right hand over my left and exchange bundles. This plies them in a counterclockwise or S fashion. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Actually this can be done fairly quickly.

I’m sure this method is written down in some book somewhere, I just don’t have that particular book!

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1 comment:

Peg said...

Good for you, Leigh! But, since "everyone" plies their fringes, I braid mine........(grin!) Peg