Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Log Cabin Twill

My friend Ann sent me a draft for log cabin in twill, so I decided to explore this direction next. Here is my first set of samples.

Since I had basically used the same color scheme with all my plain weave log cabin scarves , and since I didn’t want to appear stuck in a color rut, I decided to try something different. The colors for my first sample were chosen simply because these were the two I liked together best It is woven in a straight 2/2 twill.

The result is quite unexciting because the log cabin look has disappeared. Even so it is not unpleasant to look at if one likes blue and green.

So for my next sample, I chose yarns with contrasting color value.

With these color choices the pattern popped out and I was fascinated! Even though I’m not crazy about browns, I really like this sample.

Warming up to the effect, I decided to try a sample in twill and reverse.

And I'm off and running (weaving!) The more I weave, the more ideas I want to try. Next I will do a little color experimenting. More samples coming soon……………….

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