Friday, February 02, 2007

What's Not on the Loom

By Leigh

I can tell you what is supposed to be on the loom. Another warp for huck. My plan was to tie on another 5 yard warp and weave several more huck variations, each as a different dish towel.

With 360 ends to measure, I decided to make 3 warp bouts of 120 ends each. I measured the first bout, which was a feat in itself, as Catzee was desperately wanting to 'help.' But you all know what kind of help a young cat is when it comes to weaving. Usually I wait until she's asleep, but after being told 'no' about a million times, and being repeatedly removed from the premises, she finally resigned herself to simply watching.

So I measured the first section of warp, chained it, and brought it to the loom. I untied the warp which had been left on the loom, and secured the beater in it's upright position. Realizing I had forgotten my scissors, I left the room to get them.

CRASH! !!! What was that!?

Here's what I found

So much for tying on to that warp.

Oh well, I kinda wanted to try a different threading anyway. Sigh.

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  1. OH! Good thing cats are soft, cute, and make good companions. Otherwise we'd all have recipes for cat soup.

  2. Oh, no! Well, variety is the spice of life, right?

  3. More often than not, I'm trying to knit around Charlie who assumes that if I'm sitting on the sofa, I've provided a lap for him. Why else would I be sitting???

  4. Yikes! But good on ya for putting on a brave face! Guess you were done with the huck anyway...

  5. Oh no! I am so sorry. Can the bout be fixed or does it hit the trash can?

  6. Hello Leigh,

    Where are you located in SC? I live in Moncks Corner, SC.


  7. My 'cat helpers' were so miffed at me when I went to sectional warping on my loom(s)! They sit with a 'humpf' look on their faces and make sure they let me know they are not pleased.
    Since they cannot help with the warping they try to use whatever I weave as a scratching post - causing me to have to cover the finished work each time I leave the loom for a long period.
    But, they are still my buddies and sit on the bench next to me to help with any loose yarns or threads that may attack me! :)

  8. One smart cat, Leigh. She knew what you needed to do. Money can't buy that kind of disciplining..........

  9. Cats!!!! Ahhhh! I love them, but they definitely get into everything they shouldn't!

  10. oh heartbreak! Maybe Catzee needs her own loom :)


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