Monday, July 08, 2024

My Dornik Herringbone Throw Rug is Done

Here it is in it's new home . . .

The particulars
  • Pattern: Recipe for Dornik Herringbone  - for tweeds from Mary Meigs Atwater's Recipe Book, Series IV, No. 12.
  • Draft:
Screenshots of the original pattern can be seen in this post. 
  • Loom: Glimakra 8-shaft countermarch
  • Yarn: 4-ply medium weight cotton
    • Warp: Peaches & Creme in "Happy Go Lucky" (variegated)
    • Weft: Sugar 'n Cream in sage green
  • Ends: 352
  • Sett: 8 e.p.i.
  • P.P.I.: 15
  • Width 
    • in reed: 43⅝ inches
    • on loom: 39⅜ inches
    • finished width: 39"
  • Length
    • on loom 71¾"
    • finished: 68" without fringe
  • Fringe: twisted
  • The draft was a good choice for a throw rug.
  • The selvedges turned out well (always a concern).
  • I chose the pattern from a photo of a sample. The tweedy look of it appealed to me. 
  • However, my variegated warp yarn delivered a different effect, which is neither right or wrong, just different from what I was thinking.
  • For example, the long wavy stripe left of the rug center. Not planned, just the fate of how the warp was measured. It definitely catches the eye and becomes a design feature (planned or not!). 
  • Even so, I can live with it, and overall, I'm satisfied. 


Michelle said...

The variegated warp definitely shows up more from a distance, but it is a handsome rug!

Leigh said...

Michelle, thank you! And isn't it often like that with our ideas? Thankfully, most of them work out anyway. :)

Valerie said...

Lovely rug! And you know, even sampling would not have predicted that stripe from the variegated yarn. *sigh*

Leigh said...

Valerie, thank you! Very true about sampling. But I think that's one of the delights of weaving - surprises everywhere.

Meg said...

Well done, you. Are you walking around it at this point, or stepping on it already? :-D

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Looks spectacular Leigh!

Leigh said...

Meg, lol! That's exactly the way it is, isn't it?

TB, thanks!