Friday, October 08, 2010

Blue Ridge Fiber Show 2010

The official opening of the Blue Ridge Fiber Show was last Tuesday. I was on hand, with my camera, and wanted to share a few shots with you.

The show is being held in the Gallery of the Educational Center at the North Carolina Arboretum.

There was a really good turn out for this event.

With about 170 entries, I wasn't able to get photos of it all, nor take very good notes about the shots I did get.

Photos of the individual pieces as well as the prize winners, will be posted on the BRFS website in the near future.

The pieces were fantastic, as you can see. The show was hung by a member of the Arboretum staff and Western North Carolina Fibers/Handweavers Guild members.

The educational component of the show features spinning by one of the Guild's study groups, The Blue Ridge Spinners.

Spinners always attract interested folks.

The other thing being featured, is weaving demonstrations on an old barn loom.

This loom has been fully repaired and restored by the gentleman on the right, weaver and WNCF/HG member Mikkel Hansen.

A few more shots of the entries.

Some of the prize winners. I wasn't able to get individual shots of these, unfortunately.

I did get photos of entries by fellow bloggers though. The ones I knew about at least! The book in the back left of this display is by Alice Schlein.

This is the back of the book (best shot I could get). It's actually a collaborative piece between Alice and Barbara Walker combining Jacquard weaving with ply-split braiding and book binding. It won Honorable Mention in one of the professional categories.

Another Jacquard entry by Alice, entitled "Hosta Mutabilis."

Another winner was by blogger Tien Chiu, (middle).

It's entitled "Eternal Love Wedding Ensemble." She won second place in the amateur constructed clothing division.

Blogger Sandra Rude entered two Jacquard pieces. The first is shown above and as an individual shot below.

"Oak at Sunrise"

Sandra's second entry, "Sunflower" ...

There was also an opening reception, for which my photos didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped.

The show runs through the end of November.  If you are in the western Carolina or eastern Tennessee area, plan to stop by!

Blue Ridge Fiber Show 2010, text and photos, © October 2010 by Leigh at Leigh's Fiber Journal


Woolly Bits said...

wow, I can't believe that some of those entries are handwoven! the book and also the eternal love wedding garment - and the sunflower! fantastic stuff - I'd never have the confidence to enter, if the level of craftmanship was that high! thanks for the photos!

Leigh said...

Bettina, the quality of work was truly impressive. This is the only show that I know of, where all entries are accepted. Most other shows require pieces to be juried in, but the BRFS accepts and shows them all. It's a great opportunity to show off one's work.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful looking show. What a treat to be part of and to see so much hand made textile in one placefrom around the country.

bspinner said...

So many wonderful fiber artist!!!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to take the pictures and share with us. Wish I could have been there in person.

Sara said...

Stunning! Absolutely stunning workmanship. Wish I still lived in Jonesborough, TN - cause I'd be heading over there to see the show.

Leigh said...

I hope you all will enter in 2012!

Sharon said...

What an unbelievable offering of fibery things. I recognize Tien Chu's wedding dress from last year, which gives me an idea of the level of competition and exhibition. Just wow. It's too bad we can't bank the energy that comes from a collection like that. Thanks for sharing it. (she types with envious green fingers)

Leigh said...

Sharon, I was delighted to see Tien's wedding ensemble up close and personal. Stunning! I realized later that I didn't get any of the handspun photographed. Spinning was a new category this year and there weren't a lot of entries. I expect that to change in 2012. What it means though, is more opportunities for all fiber artists to join in!