Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Little More Shetland :)

I'm still knitting, so I there's still room for more yarn! And here it is, recently given to me by Cathy and Tina.

The one from Cathy is black Shetland lamb fleece. It is sooo soft and sweet. The little guy's (girl's?) name is Truffles, and being black, it's hard to get a good photo or scan of it. It's full of baby waves and curls, the tips being just a teeny bit lighter than the body of the lock. From the tips (which look like they've never been cut) and the texture (which is extremely fine), I'm guessing it's a first shear.

This fawn roving is from one of Tina's own Shetlands. It is beautifully soft and with a lovely light luster. From pulling out a few fibers, they appear to be three to four inches in length. I'm intrigued because compared to my other light fawn sample, this one is a little different, so it will definitely be featured in my Shetland Sampler Cardigan.

And then there's this glowing green......

..... also from Tina. I only pulled out several locks to photograph, but there is actually quite a range of greens in it: from almost blue to pale cool to mostly neon. I'm not sure how she got the fantastic color, but I can tell you that it is exceptionally silky with a gorgeous luster.

So, since my wheel is still empty while I experiment processing the Polwarth I'm going to get it spinning some of these samples!


dawn said...

Well, that little green guy must really stand out in the field!

I ordered my first whole Shetland fleece and I'm taking a class this weekend on what to do with it. Then, I'm borrowing a carder from the guild. I can't wait to get started!

textillian said...

Dawn beat me to the green sheep comment.

Those fleeces look beautiful. I especially have a fondness for the black.