Monday, November 12, 2007

Sock Knitting Bag

By Leigh

My project over the weekend was to make a new bag to carry my sock knitting.

Materials to make a bag to hold my socks in progress.You might remember this fabric as from an earlier post. It is leftover from one of my space-dyed warp experiments. The warp was variegated 4-ply cotton yarn. The weft was an 8/2 white cotton. Part of the fabric was used to make a diddy bag for my dad, but I had enough leftover for a bag for myself.
Close up showing how a needle could slip through the fabric.
For my purposes, I wanted a small bag with a squared bottom and handles. Since the handwoven fabric wasn't dense enough to guarantee that I wouldn't loose any double pointed knitting needles, I also decided to line it with a commercial fabric. For the handles, I found a sturdy polyester belting at Hobby Lobby.

Before I could start sewing however, I needed to do something about my sewing machine. The tension knob was not at all responsive, and I was afraid that the machine needed some extensive repair. I did some searching on the Internet first, and found an excellent article on Secrets of Embroidery. From that article, I learned about tension problems and how to fix them. It gave instructions about how to adjust the bobbin tension, though Singer doesn't make this at all easy to do! Fortunately, I achieved an acceptable bobbin tension without too much difficulty. Then I could start sewing on my bag.

Sewing a square bottom.The fabrics were cut into 12 by 24 inch pieces. I sewed the sides up lengthwise. To make the squared bottom, I opened the side seams and sewed them across the bottom of the bag, to forming triangle shaped flaps.

When turned right side out, this forms a nice, square bottom on the bag...

Square bottom from the outside of the bag.I tacked down the handles on the right side of the bag, and then sewed the outer and inner pieces around the top, right sides together. I left a four inch opening to pull it outside out.

Right sides together.After turning, I slip stitched the opening closed, gave it a quick press, and there you have it.

The completed bag.
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Marie said...

Your sock bag looks great! It's a clever thing you did. I love your space dyed weaving.

Laritza said...

I need one of those! My sock knitting lives in ziploc bags and the pointy needles find their way out of there more often than I like!

Woven Spun said...

Great Job on the bag. I love making my woven cloth into bags.

Jacqui said...

what a jolly jolly bag!

the vertical orientation of the stripes is brilliant.

is it just me or is it reminiscient of a stand of aspen trees at sunset in wintertime?

shepherdchik said...

What a neat bag to have for your sock knitting. My sock knitting bag needs a divider in it though - so that I can carry more than one sock project at a time.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Actually your bag looks like it will work for even slightly larger projects, thanks especially to the bottom you created. Very nice!

Kathy said...

Way cool! Don't you need a matching one for your lunch as well? ;)

Sharon said...

Wow - I love the pseudo-ikat effect of the colors. Heck, I just like the back, period.

bspinner said...

What a great little bag!!! Another great idea!!!!!

Cathy said...

It's beautiful - I love it!