Thursday, May 17, 2007

Summer & Winter: 2nd Dishtowels

By Leigh

Finally, a weaving update. Not that I haven't been busy weaving, but seven dishtowels from the same warp doesn't make for much news. I have been weaving this warp, the multicolor one of navy, lime green, and cinnamon brown in 8/2s cotton.

For the pattern weft, I used a 6/2 navy cotton for all of the dishtowels. My experimentation involved the tabby weft, trying different colors and different color combinations. Here are the results.........

1 - Tabby weft in lime green

2 - Tabby weft in cinnamon brown

3 - Tabby weft in navy blue

4 - Tabby weft in dark green

Then I tried using two colors for the tabby weft, alternating colors with each block.

5 - Alternates lime green and navy blue tabby wefts

6 - Alternates cinnamon brown and navy tabby wefts

7 - Alternates lime green, cinnamon brown, and navy blue tabby wefts

If alternating different colors seems like a lot of work for dishtowels, it is. Of course, my goal was not specifically making dishtowels, but experimenting with summer & winter, and, in this case Fibonacci. Sharon had commented that these looked like they'd make nice sofa pillows and I have to agree with her. Now I am mentally planning a pillow project in the near future.

I have to admit that when I first pulled these off the loom and popped them into the washer, I thought they all looked pretty much the same. Comparing the details of them here though, I can see how different they are, albeit subtle.

What intrigues me about summer & winter is the interplay of color. There are quite a few possible combinations with only four shafts. The warp and the two wefts combine visually in a fun and fascinating way. Even so, I think these are a little dark for dishtowels, though I'm sure that is a matter of personal taste. At any rate, I'm tired of looking at these colors and ready to move onto something else!

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Marie said...

It's interesting how dimensional the towels are. Depending on the weft color, some blocks seem to pop right out of the towel. Nicely done! Now, this inquiring mind wants to know what you're going to do with your plethora of towels. An early start on Christmas gifts?

Jackie said...

I am always amazed at how much a difference the weft colour makes. This set of towels is a perfect example!

Peg in South Carolina said...

I'll bet you're tired of these colors! Wash and iron them and put them away for a bit (a month?) and then look at them again. Meanwhile, what are your next plans? Anything more with summer and winter? You mentioned pillows.

Kate Robertson said...

These are beautiful. My towels tend to be simpler and I think I'd like to try something more complex sometime. Thanks for the lovely inspiration.


Sharon said...

I've been wondering what weft to use for my lap blanket. I had originaly planned on squares in three colors but since I only have two shuttles I have tossed that idea out. I like your idea of the fibonacci stripes with a single weft, which means I need to spin a whole lot more of the oatmeal fleece of Mickey Mouth. Sharon Alderman wrote an article in a past Handwoven on those stripes - guess I had better re-read, or just copy you %^)

Valerie said...

Your towels are wonderful. Dark towels?....what better way to 'hide' tomato sauce stains?

Beautiful weaving, Leigh.

Willington Weaver said...

I love the subtle variations. I love doing swatches so see where a design is going and usually end up with just what you have here, only yours are useful, mine are just swatches!


Leigh said...

The feedback here is very helpful to me.

Marie, what I'm going to do with them is beyond me at the moment. I actually switched to the dishtowels after I filled up a box with log cabin scarves which I'll never use ;)

Thank you, Jackie! It's been an excellent lesson for me here.

Peg, yes, I'm still going to explore S&W; I feel like I've only scratched the surface! I have 2 more experiments for this warp, which will also be dishtowels. I plan to plan some pillow fabric after I try out my other ideas.

Kate, do give Fib a try. Definitely a good start on a more complex look.

Sharon, thanks for the tip about the Handwoven article. I'll have to go dig around and see if I can find it. I really like the Fibonacci stripes; an easy way for an interesting look.

Val, I hadn't thought of that! *lol*

Alison, that's why I switched to the towels. I might as well use my swatches! And for me, they are more useful than scarves.

Sheepish Annie said...

Just wanted to swing by and say, "thanks" for the birthday/get well wishes. And I certainly got an eyeful of "pretty" in the process! Your weaving is just beautiful. The play of color is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to come back. I just learned to weave a few weeks ago and am soooo in love with it. I haven't found too many blogs that have weaving projects. Yours are very inspiring!