Monday, May 28, 2007

Fibonacci Overlay 1

Originally I thought that after I'd woven this set of Fibonacci dishtowels, I'd put on a new warp with a different threading plan. My brain had other plans however. I find that once I get a weaving rhythm going, my mind begins wandering on a "what if" sort of game. So here is the first of two ideas that use the same Fibonacci threading plan. The first idea uses an overlay of even color stripes. Each color group has 20 warp ends in it. You can get an idea of what I mean in this photo:

My color warp stripe idea with Fibonacci threading.You can see from the horizontal lines, that I changed the treadling pattern in the same frequency as the stripes of color. The colors don't match up with the threading blocks, and the result is another complex looking fabric with simple elements.

Here are my results. These are all summer and winter, a two shuttle weave.

Blue tabby and white pattern wefts.Dark blue tabby weft and white pattern weft.

Turquoise tabby and white pattern wefts.Turquoise tabby weft and white pattern weft.

White tabby and white pattern wefts.The color stripes are especially noticeable in this one as both tabby and pattern wefts are white. The white stripes are predominate and what you can't see from these photos is the texture created by the heavier pattern weft. Here is a close up to try and show the subtle visual variations from the texture:

Detail of the above fabric.Color combinations and texture are the two things which intrigue me about the Summer and Winter weave structure. They make the possibilities seem endless!

The last one I did introduced a color which wasn't in the weft:

Turquoise tabby and gray pattern wefts.Turquoise tabby and light gray pattern weft.

This one surprised me. At first I didn't like the gray, but now it's my favorite one.

So that's it for that experiment. I have one more idea to try by tying on to this same warp. After that it will be time to move on to something different.

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Anonymous said...

All very thorough and interesting to see! Great experiment!

Marie said...

Oh, WOW! Simply amazing. I really love this run of towels and what your choice of weft does to change the overall look of the fabric.

Cathy said...

I really like this set Leigh - that last one almost has a 3-D effect.

Laritza said...

Very nice!

Peg in South Carolina said...

What you are doing with S&W is very much like what I am doing with crackle! And I think we both have very similar approaches. So, of course, I really like what you are doing........(grin!)

Tracy said...

Your spinning and weaving are just beautiful. There has been no space for my loom to be set up since I moved here 9 years ago, so I am weaving vicariosly through you. I hope you don't mind.

Valerie said...

The photo's cause the fabric to appear as though it is pleated. I'm wondering if you see the same effect in real life.

Neat experiment, Leigh. Wonderful weaving!

Holly said...

Looks great. I love the colours.

Sharon said...

I love the results you've been getting got all excited about summer and weave - started reading about it in my weaving books and realized it means I have to change the tie up while I'm weaving. So I'm back to thinking I'll be doing a color and weave effect, though I do love your results!

Gertieanne said...

Hi Leigh,

In the photos the towels look like they have a wave to them. Very nice


In South Carolina

Downshiftingpath said...

I love the sequence and the colours. Its an interesting concept.

Anonymous said...

I really like the towels - what have you used for warp and weft?

Anonymous said...

Your work is so totally inspiring Leith. The summer and winter looks so inviting on the loom.

Leigh said...

All of your encouraging feedback is so heartwarming. Sometimes I get so narrowly focused on the details a project that I can't see it as a whole. Oh my! That's the gestalt of weaving isn't it! *lol*

Janet, I am using 8/2 cottons for the warp and tabby weft, 6/2 cotton for the pattern weft.

Sharon, I'm not sure what you mean about changing the tie-up during the weaving(!) Everything I've done in s&W has been done on the same tie-up, except the polychrome.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting results. I am going to study this carefully.

judy said...

I agree with you on the grey, my favorite, hands down. Wonderful experiment, you got a terrific variety.