Thursday, December 07, 2006

Making Christmas Cards

Earlier this week I was reading Sharon's "Make Your Own Christmas Cards" post, and figured that I'd better get started on mine. I've shared some of these from time to time here, but the wannabe teacher in me thought it might be fun to show you the process step by step.

My supplies laid out and ready to use.My supplies:
A. 110 pound card stock. This comes in white or colors
B. Shape templates - I found these in scrapbooking supplies
C. Shape cutter - ditto
D. Stickers, the acid free kind
E. Pre-cut trifold aperture greeting cards - available at craft stores
F. Plastic sleeves for the insets
G. Handwoven fabric scraps
H. Envelopes

Cutting card stock so that the finished card will fit the envelope.The ready made trifold cards are nice, but if they can't be found, it's easy to make one's own. I used purchased invitation envelopes and so measured my card stock so that it would fit after being folded in thirds. I have to use a paper cutter as my scissors work is usually pretty crookedy.

Marking the card to fold in thirds.If I'm in a hurry I eyeball folding it into thirds. Here I'm being good and doing the job properly. (Note: I'm not a lefty, but have a right-handed camera.)

Creating an aperture with a shape cutter.Cutting the aperture is easy with the template and shape cutter. The hardest part was centering it.

All done with that.Being a saver, I usually save the cut-outs. Some of the fancier shapes can be used for making cards as well.

Placing a handwoven fabric sample in a plastic sleeve. I have mixed feelings about these clear plastic sleeves. I don't like them because one can't get a good look and feel of the handwoven sample. On the other hand, they are handy when I want to use stickers as part of my card design.

I've also used hand knitted swatches and handcrafted paper as insets.

Gluing in the inset.The inset (with or without the sleeve) is glued over the aperture first. I like to use a glue stick
1) because I have it and
2) I don't make as big a mess as when I use some sort of crafters' liquid glue.

Gluing down one end over the inset.Then one end is glued on top of that. At this point I usually weight the card with a heavy book overnight, or until the glue dries.

Adding stickers is the fun part.With the plastic sleeves, I can put stickers right on top of the fabric; something I wanted to do for what I had in mind here.

White card with handspun, handwoven navy blue inset & snowflake stickers.On the back of the card I add a few details about the inset and then sign it. Finished!

And a few more:

Small pink card with handwoven inset of pink & navy with teacup sticker.
Marbled card with handwoven Monk's belt inset of cotton & cotton chenille.
Red card with handwoven black & green shadow weave inset & bluebird sticker.No, they're not all very Christmasy, but oh well. I only give these to folks whom I know appreciate them and probably won't throw them away. A set of them makes a nice gift as well.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute and quite crafty! Will have to file away that idea for next year!

Yvonne said...

Hi Leigh - I was going through old posts on my blog & found your comment from looooong ago. . . your blog is wonderful! Sorry I didn't find it sooner. I'll be back. . . Happy weaving!

Tina T-P said...

Hi Leigh - Nice of you to "visit" us - I added a couple of pictures of our fading snow to my blog this evening.

What a surprise to see Yvonne's comment to you - she is a member of the wonderful spinner guild that I've gone to a couple of times. Here we are, both "Bellinghamsters" admiring your blog! If it's OK, I'd like to link both your blog & Rascal's on my favorite places to visit - let me know.

Well, it's time to hit the sack. T.

Holly said...

Very nice. Your list are very lucky to have you making their cards. Happy Holidays.

Tina T-P said...

P.S. - I forgot to say - your cards are VERY cool! :-) T.

Anonymous said...

Lucky recipients. Those are very nice.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards. I love the snowflakes! Mainly I think because I've never really experienced them here in OZ.