Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lace Sampler – Bronson Lace

By Leigh

I have one sample to show for Bronson Lace. I actually wove two, one with warp treadling, and one with weft treadling. However, I beat the warp version in too firmly and squished the pattern all together. Neither a scan nor photo showed the pattern, so I didn't post it here. That will be a project for future experimentation.

The weft version, on the other hand, is lovely, I think. Even with the threading error! This is in the same 12/2 cotton, sett 24 epi.

Lace Bronson in white 12/2 cotton.I think this structure would be lovely for a table cloth, though I can't imagine having a loom wide enough for such a project. Nor can I imagine doing Bronson Lace as a double weave. But.... a table runner would be nice too.

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Marie said...

Lovely! How about a summer top or dress?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You could always do the tablecloth in panels and join them with decorative stitching.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I like the idea for a summer piece of clothing with the lace pattern! How do you find the time to do all of these samplers (in addition to your rare breeds knitting). I think I'm having pangs of time management envy!

Sue Bleiweiss said...

I did a table runner in bronson and it is a really nice weave for a table top. Your sample is lovely. A table cloth done with squares of bronson alternating with a solid fabric would be gorgeous.

Unknown said...

It would certainly look good as a tablecloth or runner, place mats?

My loom isn't big enough either...


Valerie said...

Very nice work, Leigh.

YOu know, I could imagine double weave to make a backing fabric show through the lace "holes"...but then again, it would be easier just to sew on a different colored backing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Your samples are making me want to do a little lace experimentation on my own!
So many ideas, so little time.

Leigh said...

Thank you all for the excellent ideas. I really like this structure and so want to use it for something 'useful.' I've done enough samples and am ready to move on to a project or two.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!! I getting closer to warping my loom. I will be spinning for a warp after Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I made a table cloth in undying linen using swedish lace weave, I pieced it so that that the join was either side of the table. I weaved one length for the piece down the table, which had a motif of 3 x 3 blocks of lace interspersed by plain weave, then a second length with some lace panels, which I used for napkins and to sew onto the main panel for the drop, which was in plain weave. I was really pleased with it, but unfortunately I did it as a present for my sister and I don't have any photos! I'd love to do another one for me if I have the time.