Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lace Sampler – Spot Bronson

By Leigh

My 4th set of lace weave samples for the Beginning Lace Weaves Workshop, is off the loom. These samples are Spot Bronson which, although aren't technically lace, gives us the background for Bronson Lace.

The draft is from Marguerite Porter Davison's A Handweaver's Pattern Book. It is the Rose Point Pattern in the Barley Corn Weave chapter, page 86. Barley Corn is another name for Spot Bronson. I used the same 12/2 cotton warp, but experimented with two different weft yarns. The rose point pattern has 2 variations, so I ended up with 4 samples.

For the first weft, I used a 3/2 mauve cotton for the pattern and the same 12/2 cotton for the tabby weft.

A spot Bronson sample with white cotton warp and a heavier colored weft.Then I tried it using only the white 12/2 cotton. It's hard to see the pattern......

Another sample of the same pattern in all white...... in fact, I like the backside better........

The reverse side showing a more sculptured look in all white.I used the same weft yarns for the 2nd variation:

Second sample with white warp and colored weft.Front in all white:

The same draft in all white.And back:
The back of the 2nd white sample also looks more textured.What you can't see in these photos is the sculptured effect the white samples have, which I think is very nice! In fact it is this texture which has given me some ideas of where to place stripes of color, giving plenty of experiments to store away for future use.

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  1. After I saw your beautiful lace in colors I went book hunting. I found huck lace in color in the Key to Weaving book. Lovely! Thanks for thinking color.

  2. Mary Black's book??? Oooo, that's one I don't have (yet.) I feel a splurge coming on :)

  3. You can get it at amazon used for 10 bucks or so! Love old books that people "forget"

  4. Nice samples! I particularly like the first one in color.

  5. Wow! You are busy, busy, busy with your lace samples. How lovely! And all the while my loom sits neglected for now....

  6. great samples! Love that first one.

  7. Beautiful samples all of them. Makes me want to weave again. I have the Davison book wonderful resource. Love you rare breed sweater.

  8. You've just got to stop this, NOW! I have a list of things to weave up and now I have this on my list as well. Stop tempting me, you Evil, Evil Weaver Woman.

  9. I know this is an old post, but I'm struggling with figuring out this pattern. The introduction to the Barley Corn section states that they were all woven using one shuttle, and that the difference b/w Barley Corn and overshot is that Barley Corn has no "accidental which links one unit of the pattern with another". Do you know what this means? And how would this be possible with one shuttle?? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!!


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