Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lace Sampler – Huck Lace 1

By Leigh

My first lace sampler is off the loom.

As fascinating as it was to watch the patterns appear before my eyes, little did I know the transformation that was in store for me. And all because of ....... washing.

When I first started weaving I was terrified to toss my handwovens into the washing machine. But I gradually got braver, and with much relief discovered that depending on the fiber content of the yarn, things actually hold up quite well.

All these samples are woven in cotton, which responds to machine agitation, and wow what a difference it makes with huck lace.

After weaving sections of huck warp and weft spots, I wove a section of huck lace. Actually I wove two sections, as I was worried that I beat the first section in too hard.

On the loom:
Huck lace on the loom.
After washing:
Huck lace after washing.After washing, I was surprised that my first section (bottom) looks the best. I beat that one as for a balanced plain weave and it definitely turned out better. The one on the top wasn't beaten in as hard, and the integrity of the lace looks compromised and sloppy. Chalk one up for sampling first!

Here are more before and afters.

On the loom:
On the loom.
After washing:
After washing

On the loom:
On the loom.
After washing:
After washing
For the rest of my huck lace photos, click here.

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Sue Bleiweiss said...

It's amazing how much they change after washing isn't it? These are all terrific. What weight cotton did you use?

Anonymous said...

Those are great!

Leigh said...

Thanks! I am using 12/2 cotton, sett at 24 epi.

Jackie said...

Great samples! I wove a huck lace at a workshop once and was amazed at the same transformation. I can't wait to see what other samples are coming up!

Unknown said...

Looking fab :-)
How are you liking it?

Amelia of Ask The Bellwether said...

What a great resource you are! My local weaving group is working through lace weaves, huck being the current one. Great to be able to see all your before-and-afters, and your travel through huck before me :-)

Now I'm off to go and do my numbers before I cut the warps for my huck tea towels.


Leigh said...

Thank you Amelia! Washing huck is so much fun. I love all the lace weaves and your group project sounds like a lot of fun.