Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Last Shadow Weave

That's “last” as in for awhile, not “last” as in forever. :)

I wanted to try one last shadow weave idea before setting shadow weave aside for awhile. This one further explores texture.

I chose these two yarns:

2 white yarns for shadow weave, chosen for texture contrast.

A mercerized 5/3 cotton and a mill end novelty yarn made of who knows what , from who knows where.

I tied on to the same warp as before, keeping the same sett of 16 ends per inch.

Shadow weave design in whites.This is fresh off the loom. Somewhere along the way I had a warp thread disappear, which I didn't notice until I was quite a ways along. This is a distinct disadvantage to working shadow weave in only one color; it's difficult to see mistakes. The lighting makes all the difference in being able to see the design.

I am intrigued enough to be willing to explore this idea more, at a later date. Today however, I begin the Online Guild's Lace Weaving workshop. Something I've been looking forward to for awhile. It will be a pleasant change of weaving pace.

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Unknown said...

Hi Leigh :-)
I like the not shadoweave, maybe textureweave?
It looks fab on towels, cotton linen for smooth and cotton chenille for textured.
Have fun on the lace weaving course, I debated ripping my fabric off the loom early, but I really need it for a new winter coat...
Enjoy :-)


Anonymous said...

I love the way the texture came out on that piece. Very nice work.