Thursday, October 26, 2006

One More Shadow Weave Sample

Well, after these samples, I thought I had set shadow weave aside as I prepare for next month's lace weaving workshop. But I had just enough success with this one, so that my brain switched itself to its problem solving gear.

I couldn't help but wonder if perhaps a darker color to contrast with the loopy rayon would look better.

I found some black 2000 ypp acyrlic chenille (which I'm not very fond of, but hey, it only cost a buck) in my stash and decided to give it a try.

I re-threaded the heddles for a different shadow weave pattern, this time using Powell's profile number 4-2-1 on page 67 of 1000+ Patterns. I used the same sett of 16 ends per inch. Close up it looks like this:

Shadow weave in loopy rainbow variegated rayon & black acrylic chenille.And when you step back:

Same stuff from further away.So I'm pleased. I think this fabric would make a nice stole or scarf, or even vest fronts. Perhaps if I ever buy some black rayon chenille I'll give it a try.

Next - Last Shadow Weave - shadow weave with texture

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  1. Very pretty! Has almost a stained glass look to it. It definitely would look great for vest fronts.

  2. That's such a great effect! Good on ya for doing some more experimenting!

  3. oooh I like! Definitely a black rayon or chenille would be fab, I agree.

    The dispersed color and the added texture just really update the look of the shadow weave. Very cool!

  4. Wonderful :-)
    A+ for determination.

  5. Beautiful!!!!!!!!
    The fabric will look nice what ever you do with it.

  6. Nice! I agree, this result is much more pleasing to the eye than the previous ones. I think it would make a beautiful stole or scarf.


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