Monday, May 25, 2009

The State of My Studio

By Leigh

The move went well. It wore us out but everything is here. Now for the unpacking. *sigh* Below is the current state of my new studio after the move. (For the "before" shot, click here.)

This is all my yarns, fibers, fleeces, books, magazines, dyes, and equipment. The loom is in pieces off to the left of the photo. Now I've got to find homes for it all!

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Sharon said...

I would be overwhelmed too - but you have the rest of your lives to make your dream into reality. It's not the boxes - it's the sheets that don't look studio-like.

Life Looms Large said...

Yay!!! The stuff is moved in!!!! Phew!

You have as long as you need to unpack! (I might still have some packed boxes of weird stuff in the basement from our move 10 years ago......I know....maybe I should get rid of that stuff...but I think it's family heirloom type stuff. Always hard to part with!)

Good luck!! Hope you get some time to relax!!


Leigh said...

Sharon, at least the sheets are consistent with the window coverings for the rest of the house ;)

Thank you Sue! I know what you mean about some boxes. We moved boxes that were packed three moves ago. No telling what's in them!

Theresa said...

Wow, congrats on being done with the move part!
You'll have fun setting up the studio, rearranging and steam lining once everything is a bit more settled.
We have boxes like that...I'm tempted to just chuck them. If we haven't needed it in umpteen years, we probably can do without it.

Julie said...

Wow I'm having flash backs! I hope your unpacking is as fun as mine was Ha Ha! It will be fun to see how it turns out.
Good luck!

Susan said...

Oh, you poor dear! The heap of boxes takes me back to our recent move! But it slowly but surely comes together, one box at a time.

I spotted the sheep peering out from the top, at the back.


Lynnette said...

It must be a relief to have finally moved in. The boxes are just a symbol of all weaving possibilities to come! I know your studio will just look and work wonderfully givin time.

Unknown said...

Ah, well, my dear, the last time I moved it was after having been in the same place for over 20 years: I'd hate to have to seen my accumulation of fiber goods in one it was I gave and sold away more than you have there in that room (12 pickup loads!). I won't say just how much was left :)

I learned my lesson; everybody should move once, maybe 5 years into the game! Then we'd not get such giant piles. I'd say you've done well, and it will all find a place. Actually, after a fire devastated my place a few years ago I moved my fiber into an outside building made just for fiber storage, and with large but cover-able lighting, and no power, so no danger of fire. Has worked better to keep sheer volume under control than anything else, even though that wasn't what I had in mind when I built it--at that point was thinking of fire prevention.

SJ, in Maine

Willington Weaver said...

Well, you're move now, the only way is up, as they say, so enjoy sorting out all you stuff and putting it where you want!

Alison, contemplating a possible move!

Peg in South Carolina said...

You've made a good start!

bspinner said...

Are you living in your new home? I could comment on all the work ahead of you but won't. Any of us that have moved know exactly how you feel. It'll get done when it get's done and try not to let it over whelm you. Love the cutins and cute little sheep peaking out over the boxes.

Leigh said...

I was wondering if anyone would spot my sheep! Good eyes!

SJ, interesting comment. I gather that you have quite a large stash! I sometimes like to think of my stash as a "collection," rather than as a disposable commodity. Of course I use it, but as a collection, I don't have to worry about de-stashing or using it all up. :)

Barb, yes we're here. I'm not sure if it feels like "home" yet, but we're here. I don't claim to be the best housekeeper in the world, and I do like to harbor piles of stuff, but the disorganization is tiresome. I'd love to get to my studio first, but too many other rooms demand my attention! At any rate, this room is one I'm looking forward to organizing.

MiniKat said...

Have fun unpacking all your treasures from storage! :-)

How are the kitties liking the new house?

Love your sheep in the back. ;-)

Susan said...

Oh, I love your reasoning about stash versus collection! Thanks for that...

I always find the first few months in a new place feels like you are staying at someone else's place and they are not there...

Benita said...

Nice to see you have a sheep watching over all that fleece and yarn goodness. Is it an oxymoron to have a Guardian Sheep?

vlb5757 said...

I have to say as a retired military spouse, moving is a nightmare. I have done it all my life and I don't care how many times you move, no matter where you go and how good you are, it's still hard work! But. I got such satisfaction unpacking and putting things away. I did get great satisfaction putting things away in a neat and orderly manner. It's another story as to how long they stayed that!


I know your tired and probably sore from it all, but I love the studio space and will be following you closely as you set up. I can't wait to see it finished, it'll be BEAUTIFUL!!

Cathy said...

"guardian sheep" - love that comment!!

So you are now home. Congrats!!!

I, too, love the concept of a collection rather then a stash. Following that, if I buy more Shetland fleece - it's acceptable.


Dorothy said...

So it is a sheep! It suddenly recalls for me the image of a sheep running a yarn shop, sitting knitting with a pair of glasses perched on it's nose, how extraordinary, I think I might be an Alice in Wonderland character.

There's a lot of stuff when it's piled up like that, but I'm sure you'll have a super studio as things find their places. With gorgeous windows like that I'd be tempted to put in bench seating in front of them with a lid lifting up to reveal storage space.

My boyfriend just discovered there was an Ash tree used by early settlers in north America for blue dyes, common name Blue Ash, Latin Faxinus quadrangulata. Would that do as a shade tree for your studio?

I hope things are going well for your household (inc. cats) and that the kitchen is working o.k.!

Geodyne said...

On the bright side, what fun you're going to have getting your studio organised just as you like it!

It looks like a lovely space - do enjoy.