Saturday, March 21, 2009

Next In Knitting

By Leigh

Red yarn on red turtleneckRed sock yarn to match red turtleneck

Multicolored blue sock yarn matches denimPlus variegated blue sock yarn to match denim shirt

And both work together pretty wellEquals coordinated outfit to wear to Fiber Forum!

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MiniKat said...

Love the outfit!

There's an award for you on my blog. Hop over to collect it when you can. :-)

Anonymous said...


Woolly Bits said...

huh, the red is nearly glow-in-the dark:)) I like red socks - I don't think I'd wear a sweater or a cardie in a strong red like that, but wearing socks in strong colours isn't quite as daring and good fun. and quick to finish! no knitting in this house right now though - I have been infected with the weaving bug by the OLG workshop:)) that's all I needed - another addiction!

Sharon said...

I love red and blue together. Before my fibering days I never ventured into color and now I find that I am just the opposite. I wear it and I see it. Last guild meeting I wore orange and purple. My old-time friends were highly amused. I guess I'm still not too old to change~ Have a great forum!

Life Looms Large said...

That is brilliant!!! It's a good thing I'm far enough through my diagonal scarf to use up one skein of sock yarn.....although I'm a little tempted to rip it apart and make socks like yours. They're too cool!

Are you knitting 2 rows of red then 2 of the variegated??

The socks are great!


Leigh said...

Thank you Minikat!

Bettina, I'm not much for attention getting colors myself, but the red embroidery on the denim shirt was the draw here. I almost decided to knit these all red, until I found the blues yarn.

Sharon, it's funny you should say that. I used to like only muted colors too, but have really branched out a lot since I got into fibers and textiles. Actually, my eyes are hungry for some bright color, especially after working for so long with the Shetland naturals.

Sue, you're close. The blue yarn stripes are 2 rows each, which is when the yarn changes pattern. The red stripes are a little more varied. The first red stripe is 3 rows wide, the next two are 2 rows wide each, then another 3 row stripe, etc., alternating red stripes. This isn't obvious, but breaks up the stripes just enough so that they don't look predictable. It's more pleasing to the eye, I think.

m said...

I love the socks!!
Isn't it fun mixing colours like that?
You get exactly what you want, and have the pleasure of knowing that they are one-offs.

Life Looms Large said...


Thanks for clarifying what you did for the stripes. I see it now that you mention it. (I had enlarged the picture but could only see a small bit of the sock....)

That is a great sock idea!!


bspinner said...

Red my favorite color and denim my favort fabric. Socks look great!!!

cyndy said...

Nice ensamble!

Love the attention to the details, (ie # of rows to a stripe)...good way to make it easy on the eyes!

That red is the same color of my tulips that are trying to bloom! They are called "Red Emperor"-

Jewel said...

What cute socks, I just love them! And red is also my favorite color!

Theresa said...

Super combination. How fun too. Where did you find that great shade of red?

Leigh said...

Theresa, I've had this yarn for quite awhile. I think I got it from a clearance bin at SAFF, the Little Barn booth.

marion said...

It looks nice, and I too love the shade of red.