Saturday, September 13, 2008

Waffle Weave Dishtowels Done

By Leigh

My 2 barcode striped WW dishtowelsThese are the towels for the Towel Exchange.

Close-up to show waffle effectWaffley close-up for Peg (see comments)

The particulars:
4 shaft waffle weave
yarn - 10/2 unmercerized cotton
sett - 30 epi
stripe pattern - upc barcode
shrinkage - about 24%
finished size - 18 by 24 inches

My sett is a little tighter than the 24 epi that many handweavers use for waffle weave in 10/2 cotton. My sample was done at 30 epi however, and when I asked my DH if he thought the fabric was too thick for dishtowels, he responded with a definite no. He liked their thick, thirsty feel, so I left the sett as it was.

I finished hemming them yesterday afternoon. After looking all the suggestions you all shared last March (see Hemming Handwoven Fabrics), I decided to serge the fabric and then hand hem. I like my serger for this, as it cuts and binds the edges at the same time. It was easy to fold under and hem.

My only concern about the hems is that they are a little thick. However, no one seems to have any luck using plain weave weave for the hems, as the plain weave doesn't draw in enough. My other option would have been to use a finer cotton or sewing thread as weft, in waffle weave. But I have neither; not in cotton anyway and I didn't want shrinkage (or non-shrinkage) issues! If these were for myself, I would have been willing to experiment, but not for a towel exchange.

I still have to make up 20 project sheets, but they aren't due until November, so I have time for that. We will exchange two towels each, and then receive project sheets (with fabric samples) from all participants. Hopefully I won't procrastinate on those either!

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Susan B. said...

They do look nice and soft! Nice size too.

Sharon said...

Good to know the size you like - there seems to be a lot of different sizes in the Handwoven patterns.

Peg in South Carolina said...

I like them but they don't look very waffle-like in structure. Is this a photography issue? I wouldn't worry about the hems. These are meant for rugged use, not for an art display!

Leigh said...

I added a close-up! Does it look waffley now???

Anonymous said...

I love them! Where do you get your colored unmercerized cotton 2/10 cotton from? I've been looking for a supplier... All I can find is either colored 2/10 mercerized or natural 2/10 unmercerized....
Thanks. Isabelle

Anonymous said...

I love the stripes! They just look so well placed.

Peg in South Carolina said...

Thank you, Leigh, for the close-up.

bspinner said...

I love your towels. I'm glad you included sett weave and hemming information. The bar code idea sure did work out.

Leigh said...

Thank you, All.

Isabelle, I get 10/2 unmercerized cottons from a variety of places. The natural came from a Yarn Barn of KS mail order special, and the colored yarns came from Webs. I just keep an eye out for their sales, mill ends, and closeouts.

bspinner said...

I hope you don't mind me joining in on this yarn discussion. I see Lunatic Fringe Yarns still has some of its 10/2 unmercierized cotton on sale. Check out the Good Byes-Limited Quantities. I'm with Leigh always look for the sales.

Leigh said...

The more the merrier! Thank you for the information. Lunatic Fringe Yarns can be found here.

Anonymous said...

Cute towels! I can't wait to get a loom.

Lisa said...

I know 9t has been a long time since this was posted, but thought I would mention that you could use one ply of your weft yarn for the hems for less bulk and less draw in, to make hemming easy and neat