Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Ol' Plain Weave

By Leigh

There's been an interesting discussion on the Weaving list about plain weave. This most basic weave structure is the one almost every beginning weaver starts with it. It's simple over 1 - under 1 - over 1 - under 1 structure is the easiest to understand, and probably because of that, seems boring pretty quickly.

Actually however, the possibilities with plain weave are almost endless. Besides plain old plain weave, color effects are fascinating, such as checks and plaids. Log cabin is plain weave,

3 of my log cabin scarvesas is shadow weave

Shadow weave sampleThen there are others that I haven't explored much, such as warp or weft faced weaves.

Another fun thing is plain weave with space dyed yarns.

Plain weave with the space dyed yarns.  Something similar, is plain weave with a textured yearn such as cotton flake. According to the Celanese Acetate Textile Glossary, flake yarn is by definition, "Yarn in which roving or short, soft staple fibers are inserted at intervals between long filament binder yarns." I can't say that this definition heralds the dawn of my understanding, but here's what it looks like -

While waiting for my tied weave study group, I decided to see what this yarn would look like in plain weave.

Plain weave with textured yarn.Close up.

Stepping back.

I can't say that it looks like much at the moment, but it is interesting to watch as it weaves up. It will be either a scarf or a shawl, depending on how much it shrinks after washing! At any rate, it's weaving quickly. Hopefully it will be off the loom by tomorrow.

Oh! And if you like kitty pictures, be sure to check out my "helper."

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Anonymous said...

Plain weave is underrated. I guess because so much emphasis is placed on complex weave structures at places like ACC and other craft shows.

ladyoftheloom said...

I adore plain weave. I have tried others, probably too quickly. But plain weave, like stockinette stitch in knitting, is hard to beat for rhythm and elegance.

Taueret said...

I love plain weave- and I mean PLAIN weave. I love fabrics where the fibre, the texture and the colours are the features. Not to say I don't admire the really complex fabrics- but when I see something like your lovely 'flake' yarn plainweave whatsit, I just *sigh*.

Andrew Kieran said...

that "flake" fabric is lovely, i'd be delighted standin in your shoes


Julie said...

I think it will make a nice scarf I really like the plain weave.

Leigh said...

My weaving teacher always said that plain weave was her favorite structure. She loved to work with color and texture, and created beautiful fabrics. It's also quicker and there's not need for a floating selvedge!

neki desu said...

hi Leigh,
although i never leave comments i frequent your blogan count it among my faves.i've nominated you for the i love your blog award.
check mine for details


neki desu

bspinner said...

I agree with you and everyone who have left a comment. I love plain weave!! Some times we forget that the possibilities are endless limited only by the weavers imagine.


Since I own a RH plain weave is my mantra. I love it and the possiblities are endless.

Kathy said...

One nice thing about plain weave is that it allows the subtleness of a yarn to show through. I think you're gonna find this to be one case of tastefull elegance. :)

Anonymous said...

Just want you to know, I've found your beautiful plain weave image on google images, and am using it in my Intro to Weaving lecture tomorrow! Plain weave has always been my favorite structure as well. Great job!
-Amy Putansu