Friday, July 18, 2008

Procion MX Turquoise

This post is a continuation of Jewel Colors From Printers' Primaries.

Here is what I've learned about Procion MX Turquoise so far. I'll add to this post as I collect more information. I'd also love to hear your experiences with PMX Turquoise.

Procion Turquoise MX-G, along with fuchsia, yellow, and black, is one of the recommended basic starter colors for color mixing. It substitutes for cyan in the printers' primaries. In fact it is often preferred to blue dyes, as it makes brighter colors in mixtures.

Evidently, it is considered to be one of the more difficult colors to work. Due to it's large molecular size, it is the slowest reacting of the Procion MX dyes. Consequently, results are either a pale turquoise, or a tendency toward purple when mixed with fuchsias or reds.

Dyers compensate for this one of several ways:
1 - Double the amount of turquoise called for
2. Let dyebath sit 24 to 48 hours
3. Heat the dyebath to 140° F for the last 30 minutes of dyeing time to speed up the chemical reaction.

Dharma Trading Co. recommends the use of Glauber's salt (sodium sulfate) instead of table salt (sodium chloride) with Procion Turquoise MX-G for brighter color.

Turquoise MX-G dye stock tends to change color with age, becoming bluer. I am still unclear of how and if this effects the results.

Mixing Basics:
Turquoise (doubled) + Yellow = Green
Turquoise (a lot) + Fuchsia (a little) = blue
Turquoise + Fuchsia = Purple

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