Friday, December 14, 2007

Last Minute Shetland Additions!

Looky what I found in my mail box this morning!

Two more Shetland fleeces!These are from two different silver and grey Shetland fleeces, all washed and waiting to be spun!

These, of course, came from Cathy, whose contributions are largely responsible for my Shetland Yarn Collection (soon to be a Fair Isle something or other.)

The sample on the left is a little more of this lamb fleece, and the one on the right is either lamb or yearling from another source. Hmm. Which means I'll have one more yarn for another thumbnail to fill out my yarn collage!

These will keep me busy with spinning, as I still have Christmas weaving and knitting to finish. Plus, my Rare Breed Sweater needs to be finished too. Still, I'm excited about all the Shetland colors I have to work with. :)


Kathy said...

Now you need to do a Shetland sweater, Leigh! Have you seen Becca's Fair Isle vest using all natural colored wool? (

Taryl Giessel said...

Oh gosh, that Shetland collage is SO beautiful, what a versatile and faceted fiber it is! Pretty pretty!

Sharon said...

Mim, my neighbor with 36 Shetlands, was over yesterday and I showed her your collage. She was excited. It is very cool.