Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Weekend Sock Knitting

I have a lot of projects going on, but I still find a little time here and there for working on my summer sock knitting. Last night, while DH read aloud from Five Acres And Independence, I turned the heel on the first sock of the pair.

I just turned the heel on this 1st toe-up sock.I like this short row heel pretty well. It involves knitting both the stitch and the wrap when working the second half of the heel. I still have trouble with holes at the corners of the heel when I resume knitting in the round, but I have learned to simply pick up and extra stitch or two to fill up this gap.

Speaking of picking up stitches, it does look as though I could have increased a few more stitches for the ankle. I could take it out and do this, or I could just leave it on the "no one will notice on a galloping horse" theory. I haven't decided yet, though I'm not feeling particularly patient at the moment. Fortunately, I like a very snug fit on my socks.

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Donna said...

Nice sox! Your talents never end! Knitting a sock right on your foot!! How do you do THAT??? (ok, I hope you know I'm just kidding around here) I, too, like a good fit in socks, no folds or slipping around. Trouble for me is can't find 'em to fit, so perhaps I should do what you are doing: knit my own. Doesn't it take "forever" and are difficult to knit?

As always, thanks for sharing.

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm working on my first pair with the short row heel right now. I don't think it will be a good fit for me, but I'd like to be able to do one. I think yours looks pretty darned good!! I'm also a fan of the tighter sock. I hate that feeling when they are falling down into the shoe!!

Anonymous said...

If you make sure to twist the stitches (pick the up purlwise) when you grab them it will completely make the holes disappear. Sometimes even picking up s stitch or two is not enough, but I find I only need to pick up one when it twists.

They're looking good! Short row heels are wonderful, and I find they wear better, because, of where the seams fall.

Leigh said...

I reckon socks (like everything else) require a lot of experimentation and practice. Taryl, I'll keep in mind what what you said about twisting the stitches. I'm never sure whether to pick up knit or purlwise. Thanks for the info!

bspinner said...

My socks never turn out that snug fitting. They are usually a sloppy fit so I've stop knitting them. Maybe I'll give the toe up method a try. Your's look great!

Tina T-P said...

Leigh, those are so pretty -

I've been thinking about you the last few days - are you guys in the area where it is so hot? I don't do too well in the high 70's or 80's - I can't imagine having it go into triple digits like it has been this past week.


Cathy said...

Looking good! I still love those colors. Can't wait to see one finished!

Anonymous said...

Aha, I knew you were a socknitter as well as a spinner and weaver...Lovely work and nice photo too.