Friday, September 01, 2006

Karakul 2

Yesterday I finished my Karakul samples. In addition to the first sample, I chose to spin sample skeins from two other parts of the fleece. Here's what I ended up with:

3 sample skeins from the same Karakul fleece.The one on the left is the first sample. I like the subtle variations in color. The sample on the right is lightest and the least coarse. It seemed to me that the colored fibers were the coarsest.

I prepared all of these with my drumcarder. I had some help with that......

Drum carding the inner Karakul coat.
.......and with the spinning as well.

Spinning with a little help from a friend.
For interested cat persons, info on the new kitty here.

I also separated the two coats for my last samples. My method for doing this described in Karakul 1. The inner coat is the one at the top of the following photo, the outer is on the bottom:

Yarn from  inner Karakul coat on top, outer on bottom.
I handcarded the inner coat into rolags which I spun long draw. However, the sample contained so many coarse brown fibers that it didn't spin into a soft yarn like the inner coats of the Navajo Churro, Hebridean, and Icelandic fleeces I've worked with.

I ran the outer coat though my drum carder and spun it short draw as I did the other Karakul samples. It is a smoother yarn than the inner coat yarn.

For my rare breed sweater I will probably choose the sample with the softest hand, the one on the right in the photo at the beginning of this post. The rest of them I will save until the time I decide to try my hand at rug weaving.

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Cathy said...

I really like the color of the karakul - not to mention your assistant. The 2 karakul fleeces I spun a couple years ago were both too coarse for any type of garment. I loved spinning the karakul tho.

Say said...

You have such a wonderful little helper!