Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rats And Frog


Second sock is 6 stitches (2 squares) smaller than the first.
Major duh.


Rip-it. Rip-it. What else ya gonna do?

Rats And Frog © 28 February 2012
by Leigh at Leigh's Fiber Journal


bspinner said...

Well Leigh if it were me and no one but me knew about my mistake it sure would stay right on the sock.

Nina said...

That could be a huge difference in size! It's a pain, but I know I've ripped out socks for reasons like that. You gotta do, what you gotta do :) It's still a really nice pattern.

Leigh said...

Barb, problem is the larger one is snug, so the smaller size is too small! :(

Nina, so true. In the long term, I know I won't regret it.

Sue said...

Ouch! But you're right, better to ribbit and make it right. I did that with the very first pair of socks I knit (years ago). Followed the recipe accurately, but was very unhappy with the finished socks, so I ripped them all the way out and started over (this was after I'd finished a couple of other pairs, so I had a better idea of what I was doing). Now I knit both socks at the same time, so I don't have to trust my memory or notes, and I've gotten much quicker at knitting them too (timed myself before christmas -size 13 for Kid the Elder in 5 days)

Laura said...

My 2nd sock always seems to be a tad tighter than the first - don't know what to do about that, so I make it the left one (I shape the toes) because my left foot is longer and narrower.

But sometimes, it's too much tighter and I have to go to a bigger needle size (same # of sts) to make it work!

Grace said...

I know exactly how that feels... I made a similar mistake, but my second sock was a little to small! But all you can do is fix it and forget it! :)

Ron said...

You and Wifey would get along terrifically. If you have time, check out the craft room I built for her (she loves to knit):