Monday, November 14, 2011

Found: Abandoned Sock Project

I know this won't take the prize for the longest running UFO, but I think 2 & 1/2 plus years at least gets a nod.

Chequerboard sock found after being packed away for awhile

This is the first in a pair of Lucy Neatby's Chequerboard Socks. I started on the project back in April 2009, knitted diligently until May, and then set it aside because I didn't like the way the first sock fit across the instep. That was shortly after we moved to our homestead, and we've been so busy since then, that I didn't think much more about them until they were forgotten.

I found the project recently when I was cleaning out a box of odds and ends, and I recalled that I was going to correct the fit. I tried it on to see what the problem was, fortunately having had the sense to transfer the stitches to a length of yarn when I pulled the needles out. After slipping it on, I decided the fit wasn't so bad after all! Project resumed.


ladyoftheloom said...

Way to go Leigh! I too recently excavated a project, a fully knit sweater in pieces that needs sewing up. Now I know why I threw it in the back of the closet! I am going to have to spend some quality time with it though because someone will get it for Christmas or it will be frogged!

Nina said...

It's a pretty sock. I love the colours. I've not yet tried a toe up sock. While I love the idea of not having to graft the toe, I am not fond of the fit of short row heels. I've got a few UFO's in the running for longest competition. They've been way too long stuffed in bins or boxes and not yet unpacked.

Cathy said...

Isn't so nice to come back to UFOs with fresh eyes and finish them?

Love all of them!!

Sue said...

They look like fun socks. Congrats on getting back to them!

Benita said...

That is a really cool sock pattern - I love the colors.

Leigh said...

Ladyoftheloom, thanks! I hope you can figure your sweater out. Frogging a fully knit sweater would not be my first choice!

Nina, thanks. This was one of those unpacked projects too. I do like the toe up socks and actually, Lucy's garter stitch heel fits nicely.

Cathy, so true! Maybe I should do it more often. :p

Sue, thanks!

Benita, I love the patterns in this book, Cool Socks, Warm Feet. Lots of good sock making tips too.